Additional OliveWorks capabilities

Olive can leverage the systems and tools that your facility already uses to automate workflows.

Olive Reports

Olive can login to the systems and data repositories required to compile daily or weekly reports, and input the information into visualization tools and send the results to your team.

Olive Sorts

Olive can use Computer Vision (CV) to read faxes as they arrive at your facility, and dispatch them to the appropriate receiver—whether that be a digital folder, a member of your staff, or to initiate another workflow, such as a prescription prior authorization.

Olive Manages

Olive constantly monitors accounts for the tools and systems that your staff uses to make sure that there are no duplicate or dormant accounts, and to create accounts for new members of your team. This way, your IT team can spend less time creating or deleting system accounts as staff join and leave your team.

Olive Extracts

Olive logs in to remote EHRs and data systems to gather any needed data for remote workflows, such as for organizations that support providers with a service (such as revenue optimization).

Olive Engages

Olive can help your patients make the most of your facility’s patient portal by alerting them via SMS, email, or other systems with important information, such as discharge instructions, normal lab results, and post-visit follow-up orders.

Olive Resolves

Olive can scan all of your EHR systems, and even those of systems that you acquire for duplicates. This ensures that each of your patients only have one record across your entire system, giving you the most complete and accurate record of their medical history.

OliveWorks: Beta

The following Olive capabilities are rapidly being added to her toolbox by our engineers.

Olive Checks

Olive reviews billing codes with historical data to ensure that all of the necessary information is included in a claim, decreasing denials.

Olive Notifies

Olive automatically sends lab results to patients when they match to “normal” criteria, so that your staff can focus on abnormal cases.

Olive Schedules

Olive compares staffing schedules against historical data to ensure the right volume and mix of staff are scheduled for each shift.

Olive Communicates

Olive can send any post-visit information or facilitate ongoing check-ins for discharged patients, ensuring they are taking the best possible care of their health.

Olive Reminds

Olive sends out appointment reminders via SMS or email, and confirms with your patients that they will be attending their appointment. This reduces no-show rates, and encourages your patients to arrive in a timely manner.

Olive Credentials

Olive can login to any necessary system or data bases, and run reports on your staff to make sure that they are up-to-date with any required credentials. For anyone that she can’t confirm, she will notify her manager to start remediation.

Olive Outegrates

Olive can act as a user within any new software that you introduce, ensuring that it has the proper inputs from throughout the organization without the need for human intervention. This prevents you from spending money on expensive integrations and trainings.

Olive Collects

Olive monitors your accounts receivable, and when she notices that a patient has exceeded your predetermined threshold for payment, she can reach out to to see if they’d like to setup a payment plan through a third party.

Olive Refers

Olive can use Computer Vision (CV) to read incoming faxes and scan for referrals, and will then enter the referral into your system and update any relevant parties that the referral has been received and processed.

Olive Exchanges

Olive can make sure that the correct authentication has occurred, pull relevant information, and and transmit information for requested medical record exchanges.

Olive Briefs

Olive teams up with Amazon Alexa to provide you with a full briefing on her progress at your organization, based on the report and intelligence that you request from her.

Olive Matches

Olive can use Computer Vision (CV) to read incoming faxes and scan for referrals, and will then enter the referral into your system and update any relevant parties that the referral has been received and processed.

Olive Enriches

Olive leverages world-class databases from LexisNexis to ensure that the demographic data and personal information you have about each of your patients is up-to-date and accurate.

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