With OliveWorks, your facility can fully automate and eliminate human intervention for entire workflows, with a direct path to measurable ROI.

OliveWorks automates repetitive, high-volume tasks that are fairly consistent across facilities, EMRs, and external tools, to ensure the quickest possible time to implementation. With OliveWorks, customers pay one consistent price per workflow—regardless of EMR, patient volume, facility size, or any other variables that would typically impact the cost of an automation. RPA is used as the main automation tool, with computer vision and other AI capabilities leveraged where needed.

Olive Authorizes

Procedural and medication prior authorizations

Insurance providers require prior authorizations for many procedures and medications. This requirement creates a massive burden for your health system’s staff and your patients. Nurses, doctors, and administrative staff are spending valuable time retrieving faxes, signing into portals, and filling out information over and over again just to get their patients the treatment they need.

This burden is due to systems that aren’t integrated, a stone-age process of faxing, filing and logging into multiple pieces of software. Olive Authorizes is our solution to help you turn this burden into a seamless process. Olive will directly connect to your fax machine, your EMR, and insurance portals to initiate prior authorizations for both procedures and medications.

Who / Ambulatory imaging, diagnostics, same-day surgery (ASCs), and acute care settings. Target is either CFO, Rev Cycle, Patient experience, or medical director. All are affected.

Why / Prior authorizations (PAs) are a reality of doing business in healthcare. Whether a patient needs an echocardiogram, an MRI, or a prescription often times a prior authorization is required. Too many times patients show up for a procedure that is not authorized. A few things happen: either the patient waits as the staff works with the insurance company to get a pre-cert, the hospital goes at risk to perform the procedure hoping they get the approval after the fact, or the patient has to reschedule their appointment and come back after the approval is received from the insurance company. In the event that a prior authorization is needed for a medication, a patient has to make multiple trips to their pharmacy and could have to wait days for the authorization to come back for their prescription. Staff at health systems who are trying to provide care to patients are bombarded with faxes and paperwork to make sure their patients get the medication they need. Sometimes, because we are all human, things fall through the cracks and a patient becomes overly frustrated. They blame the hospital and have an overall bad experience, and most importantly are not on a quick path to better health.

How / Before the visit (procedure): Olive logs-in to the EMR and looks at the schedule. She looks for patients who are scheduled for procedures that frequently require pre-approvals from insurers. She then looks for the pre-approval and if it is not there, she looks up the patient’s insurance provider and submits the pre-certification request. When an authorization is returned, Olive puts that approval in the patient’s record. Now, when the patient comes in for a visit, the pre-approval is in the record and the procedure can be performed.

After the visit (procedure) / Olive will generate a report from the EMR of all cases where a prior authorization wasn’t acquired prior to a procedure being performed, Olive will then go through the list, look up the insurance information in the EMR, and submit the prior authorization request to the insurance company. Once the authorization is received, Olive will update the patient’s record and revenue cycle will now be able to successfully bill for the procedure.

Medication / Olive will look at the faxes coming in for any medication PA request from a pharmacy. Once Olive receives a PA fax, she will look up the patient’s information in the EMR and then fill out a prior authorization to the relevant insurance company through the Surescripts portal. Once the authorization is received, Olive will update the system and can fax the approval back to the pharmacy for quick action.

Dealing with PAs costs health systems in several ways. First, the staff hours associated with the huge volume of paperwork. Second, the lost revenue when a procedure was performed and an authorization was never received. Third, the patient experience when they have to wait, or even worse have to reschedule their appointment. Lastly, the lost revenue when an appointment slot is wasted because no PA was acquired prior to the visit.

Olive Verifies

Automated insurance eligibility checks

Olive closes the gap. Too many patients who have insurance coverage default to self-pay. Olive’s job is to stop that. Olive will use state of the art automation and AI capabilities to ensure that if a patient has coverage your Revenue Cycle team knows about it and can successfully submit a claim.

Hospital operations are hard enough. We believe a hospital should never miss a payment or put the patient through a collections experience that is completely avoidable through technology. Olive Verifies is our solution to this pervasive problem.

Who / Revenue Cycle and Patient Registration staff in an ambulatory setting.

Why / Often times, registration staff collects insurance information manually from patients, and then manually checks their benefit information before, during, or after a visit. This process takes an enormous amount of time, almost always generates an overwhelming backlog, and is prone to human error. Typically, unresolved.

How / Before the visit: Olive verifies insurance benefits of patients scheduled for appointments by accessing the schedule and looking up the latest insurance information including eligibility status, deductible, and co-pay, and then writes that information back into the EMR.

After the visit / Olive can produce a report from the EMR of patient encounters, retrieve their insurance information, and check against eligibility portals to make sure the revenue cycle staff has the most up-to-date information.

If a patient’s insurance information is not properly resolved or collected before a bill hits, Olive will check the patient against Medicaid and other relevant portals as a last effort to ensure that patient didn’t have insurance at the time of care before it gets mistakenly moved to self-pay.

Olive can use any ambulatory EMR. Olive can also use eligibility portals such as Availity to complete the insurance lookup.

If the organization doesn’t have a system like Availity, no problem, Olive will check her own internal clearinghouse and use portals to make sure she does the most comprehensive search possible.

We want to help you completely solve this problem, not just provide you a capability. We are committed to make sure Olive is trained on your process and your systems to find coverage for all your patients who have it. Many health systems have hired Olive to help them with this problem. Our experience and technical expertise has made us a market leader in providing AI solutions to close insurance coverage information gaps.

Olive will make your staff’s quality of life better, save huge costs associated with your staff doing this arduous task, save your patients from going through a burdensome, embarrassing, and avoidable collections process, and find revenue that is falling through the information gap today.

Olive verifies your patients’ insurance coverage. By hiring Olive, you will improve your operations, your bottom-line, your staff’s morale, and your patients’ experience with your health system. Hire Olive today and finally put this problem in your rear view mirror.

Olive Updates

Claims status updates

Revenue cycle teams spend an inordinate amount of time checking the status of the claims they’ve submitted to insurance companies. Insurance companies haven’t made this easy either. They all have different portals and different user interfaces. Revenue cycle staff has to log in to dozens of systems to check thousands of claim statuses just to find out which claims are getting paid and which ones may need to be worked more to get a successful payment.

Who / Billing and Revenue Cycle.

WHY / Health systems oftentimes treat patients covered by dozens of insurance companies. Not only do they have to figure out the jigsaw puzzle for submitting these claims accurately, they then have to play ”wait, check, wait, check” just to know if the claims are going to get paid. The reality is, highly skilled and trained staff members are spending hours logging into insurance portals and collecting claim status information just so that they can figure out how much money is coming in, when it’s coming in, and what claims they may have to spend more time working through.

How / Olive logs into your insurers’ portals for you. She checks all of your claim statuses and compiles a report for you every single day so you know exactly how much payment to expect and which payments need extra attention.

Olive can work with any insurer’s web portal. If a web portal has a user interface that is unfriendly to our software robot, Olive has several partners she can work with to get the data she needs to make sure her report to you is comprehensive and complete.

Olive Updates is designed to give your staff their time back. Revenue cycle teams are already operating under an avalanche of work. Olive Updates takes a large burden off of your staff and streamlines operations, ultimately resulting in more predictable payments.

Manually checking insurance portals for claim statuses is costing you large amounts of money today. Imagine the amount of other things your staff can be doing when Olive takes over this burdensome task. Not only does it remove hours of wasted human costs, it also ensure nothing falls through
the cracks.

With the exception of Olive, we are all human, and sometimes humans make mistakes. Unfortunately, that can result in a denial that wasn’t caught and a missed opportunity to remedy a claim resulting in lost revenue. Olive Updates wants to help you eliminate this burden on your staff, making their quality of life better and expanding their focus into areas that were traditionally neglected because they didn’t have the time. We think you should get paid for the treatment you perform and you should know if there’s an issue with a claim without having to spend hours sifting through dozens of websites, thousands of claims, and compiling spreadsheet after spreadsheet.

Olive Sorts

Consistently compiles and distributes reports for decision making

I hate to say it, but faxes are still reigning supreme as the secure communication platform of choice in healthcare. That means that your humans have to stand at-the-ready, watching the virtual inbox of the fax. When documents come in, your humans have to figure out what they are, put them in the right folder, or forward it to the right stakeholder. Some organizations get hundreds of faxes every day; some get hundreds of faxes an hour. That’s a lot of time that your humans are spending on something that should be done by computers, and is just another example of how humans are acting as routers… the most expensive routers on the planet.

That’s where Olive comes in. Olive can read each fax that comes in, and make sure they are put in the right folder for action, pushed it to the right stakeholder, and in some cases like prescription prior authorizations, Olive can take care of the whole process without a human involved at all. Let Olive take over and turn your dusty fax machine into an AI-powered information hyperloop.

Olive Manages

Maintains, sets up, and disables inactive Active Directory accounts

As your organization breathes, people come and go. While this is natural, it puts a heavy burden on your IT team to setup new accounts, get rid of old ones, and make sure they aren’t creating duplicate user accounts. Today, this is a very manual process that consumes a big portion of your IT team’s time. You need them focusing on the hard problems, not playing custodian to the ebbs and flows of accounts.

That’s where Olive comes in. Olive has been trained to set up accounts after being triggered by an email of another system, and then constantly cleans up your existing accounts to make sure that there aren’t duplicate or dormant accounts. Olive is like a Roomba for your accounts. Now your IT team can work on that pesky integration…until Olive is hired to do that next.

Olive Extracts

Pulls data from remote EMRs

Many organizations that support providers with a service (like revenue optimization) have their humans logging in to hundreds of remote EMRs and data systems daily to extract the data they need to perform their service. That’s where Olive comes in. Olive is trained to login to remote EMRs and data systems, and extract all the relevant data needed. Now that Olive has that covered, your humans can spend their time focused on what really matters; the patient care you provide.

Olive Valuates

Subrogation valuations

The subrogation process is complex, and involves lots of human hours to value episode and communication valuations back-and-forth with insurance companies. That’s where Olive comes in. We’ve used neural nets to train Olive on how to do subrogation valuations, so she can now join your team and take a huge volume of work off of your humans’ plates.

Olive Engages

Patient engagement

If you’re like most healthcare systems, you have a patient portal. And if you’re like most healthcare systems, not very many patients use the portal. Right now, the process of getting a patient on your portal takes a lot of hand-holding and constant nudges from your humans. That’s where Olive comes in.

Olive can use various methods like email and SMS to help get your patients on your patient portal. Once they’re on, Olive can help engage them with important information, like discharge instructions, normal lab results, and post-visit follow-up. Let Olive help you increase your portal adoption, and increase engagement without your humans having to lift a finger.

Olive Resolves

Finds and reports duplicate medical records

We have an unfair advantage at Olive when it comes to patient matching. It’s core to our history as a company, and we have developed the most sophisticated and accurate patient matching algorithm in the market. The good news is, we’ve built that matching algorithm into Olive’s brain. Olive can go through all of your patient records across all of your EMR systems, and even those from systems you acquire to find any duplicates. This way, you can ensure your patients only have one MRN across multiple systems, and that they are linked, giving you a more comprehensive picture of that patient’s care. The days of sticky notes and backlogs in the medical records office are over—let Olive handle your patient identity resolutions.


Olive Listens

Ambient listening for medical transcription 

Imagine if there was a transcriptionist sitting in on every patient exam in the office of every physician. Imagine if your physicians only had to approve notes before they were entered into the EMR, instead of spending hours at night or in the morning playing catch-up. Imagine if we could help you give your physicians their lives back. That’s what we hope to do with Olive Listens. Olive Listens in on every exam through an inconspicuous, far field listening device, and correlates the words spoken to a historical lookup of exam notes. Olive can then make an educated guess through machine learning as to what the notes should look like, and all that your physician has to do is confirm Olive’s guess and fill in anything that may be unique to the visit.

Olive Checks

Reviews billing codes to make sure that all of the necessary procedure information is documented

Olive can use historical data and neural nets to help identify whether or not the proper information is documented to match the billing codes used to decrease denials.

Olive Notifies

Sends out normal lab results to patients

Many of the lab results patients receive are normal, and it is very time-consuming for providers to send these lab results to patients one-by-one. Olive will check lab results, and if they meet the “normal” criteria, she will send them directly to the patient.

Olive Schedules

Looks at staff schedules to make sure coverage meets anticipated census levels

Using machine learning, Olive can look at previous schedules and census levels to determine the right volume and mix of staff in anticipation of census levels. Olive can then apply that knowledge moving forward to ensure that the right mix and volume
of staff are scheduled. If she notices an issue, she can alert management to her findings.

Olive Communicates

Sends out discharge instructions and post-visit follow-ups to patients

When patients leave after a visit, it’s important to make sure that they know what things they need to do to keep themselves healthy. Olive can use your portal and other communication tools to make sure that patients have all the information they need, and to periodically check-in to see how they’re doing. Olive can reduce readmissions by ensuring that your patients have the right information and data they need to stay healthy.

Olive Reminds

Sends out appointment reminders and confirms appointments

No-shows are no good for anyone. They are lost revenue, and they don’t help your patients get healthier. Olive can be your machine learning-enabled appointment reminder system—not only will she login and see all of the patients scheduled for a visit, she will also figure when to text them, and what to say to increase the likelihood of them confirming their appointment and ultimately coming in for their visit. She’ll also determine if there is a greater risk of a no-show by using machine learning, and will spend more time and attention on reminding those patients of their visit.

Olive Credentials

Automates licensure and credentialing process

In healthcare, staying on top of the licensing and credentialing of your professional staff can be a burden. Fortunately, much of that process is a perfect candidate for Olive to automate. Olive can login to the relevant systems, collect the necessary documents, and constantly check to make sure everyone is up-to-date. If additional data is required that Olive can’t pull herself, she will contact the professional to start remediation.

Olive Outegrates

Provides quick outegration for other software

There’s a ton of software out there that can help your healthcare organization run more smoothly or provide better care. Unfortunately, bringing new software into the fold can be very burdensome. Software often requires expensive and time-consuming integrations and change management. Let Olive be your outegration solution—Olive can make sure that the software has all of the data it needs from your organization to get up-and-running quickly. In many cases, she can also act as a user, and perform whatever task on the software your humans would normally perform. You can see the benefit of the software without the troubling integration, and without having to retrain your staff.

Olive Dispatches

Uses Uber, Lyft, or other ride services to provide rides to patients who need them the most

Sometimes, transportation is the only thing standing in between a patient showing up to a visit or missing it. Using machine learning, Olive can determine if a patient is a good candidate for your organization to offer a ride to in order to avoid a no-show. Once she’s identified good candidates, she will reach out to the patient to see if they need a ride, and if they agree, Olive will dispatch the ride through Uber, Lyft, or another transportation service, and let you know that they’ve accepted a ride and are in en route to their appointment.

Olive Collects

Sets up payment plans for delinquent patients

Collections are hard, but they’re an important part of your revenue picture. Olive can help make collections a little easier. Olive can login and monitor accounts receivable, and when she sees that a patient has exceeded a predetermined threshold for payment, she can reach out to the patient to give them the opportunity to setup a payment plan through a third party.

Olive Refers

Helps with referral management

Referral management can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Olive can help by reading all of the faxes that come in, and identifying those that are referrals. She can then enter the referral into your system, and alert anyone across your system that a referral has been received and processed.

Olive Exchanges

Sends medical records to requesting organizations

Medical record exchange is a costly reality in healthcare. Your humans spend a large part of their day, week, or month receiving requests for medical records, pulling the information, and transmitting it to the right organization (often times through fax). Olive can do all that for you—she will listen for requests, make sure all of the right authentication has occurred, pull the relevant information from the home systems, and transmit them to the requester through whichever medium is requested.

Olive Briefs

Customized Alexa skill briefing for KPIs across the organization

Olive has teamed up with her friend Alexa to provide you a customized briefing about your organization’s key information through any Echo device. Olive will login to the relevant systems and pull together reports in real-time so that when you evoke her by saying “Alexa, Open Olive,” she will give you a full briefing on the data and intelligence that you use to run your organization.

Olive Matches

Connects patients who opt-in to clinical trials which they are eligible

Finding cohorts for clinical trials is a tough job. Fortunately, we’ve trained Olive on how to comb through vast amounts of data located in disparate systems to select candidate cohorts based on specific criteria. Coupled with Olive Engages, Olive can select
a cohort, and engage the patients to see if they wish to participate in a trial—saving your organization lots of time and money.

Olive Enriches

Uses LexisNexis to enrich patient demographic data

Patient demographic data like full name, social security number, address, and other contact information can be critical for effective operations. Using LexisNexis’ world-class databases, Olive scours your current system, and makes sure that the information you have on every patient is up-to-date and accurate. Olive ensures that you never miss a payment because you had inaccurate or outdated information.