Investing for enterprise impact: A healthcare executive's guide to AI workforce models

Healthcare executives are turning to AI and automation to drive financial performance and efficiency, yet many providers are struggling to achieve their desired results.

Fewer than one in five firms are very effective at resilient automation. Most firms do not know the total scale and costs associated with their RPA program.

- Forrester

The model matters

Read this white paper to understand the total cost of ownership of various purchasing models for AI and automation, so you can confidently chart the right course as you invest for enterprise-wide impact.

Learn how to:

Understand the AI investment required to enable lasting success, demonstrable value, and ensure upward-trending ROI

Invest in solutions that provide scalability across the enterprise and drive sustainable reinvention

Avoid common pitfalls in AI implementation – including missed potential through insourcing and deprioritizing time-to-value

Drive operational continuity and transformation through optimal application of an AI workforce

Improve strategic competence in selecting and implementing an AI workforce while proving the value of your position to organizational leadership

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