The executive's guide to enterprise AI: Capitalizing on the financial impact of an AI workforce

Webinar with Olive CEO Sean Lane

Artificial Intelligence is enabling enterprises across nearly every industry to drive innovation, efficiency, customer experience and productivity, but many healthcare executives are wondering how AI can be applied for the greatest impact in healthcare. This webinar will help health system leaders understand how to cut through the noise around AI to create an enterprise-wide program that will drive bottom-line impact and scale across their organization.

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As AI continues to become more advanced, the opportunity for Healthcare Executives to drive financial impact and enterprise-wide transformation with an AI workforce is greater than ever before.

- Sean Lane, CEO of Olive

Webinar Learning Objectives

icon Review the core tenants of an AI workforce

icon Learn how to measure the ROI of an AI workforce

icon Understand the positive effects an AI workforce has on the human workforce

icon Determine how to form a team and rally support behind an enterprise-wide program

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