How WVU Medicine's AI Workforce is Reducing Administrative Burden & Increasing Staff Efficiency

Panel Discussion with WVU Medicine

WVU Medicine has embarked on an exciting and ambitious journey to solve some of the health systems’ biggest administrative challenges through robotic process automation, building on extraordinary success already achieved in tackling claim status burdens. By adopting an AI workforce, WVU Medicine is not only increasing the efficiency and productivity of their processes, but they are able to reallocate existing employees’ time to initiatives that require more of a human touch.

WVU Medicine’s Vice President & Assistant CIO, Ilo Romero, and Assistant Vice President of Hospital Revenue Cycle, Leah Klinke sit down with Bradley Gallaher, Executive Director at Olive, for an exciting conversation.

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Webinar Learning Objectives

icon Learn why WVU Medicine chose to take the path of adopting AI and automation to transform their health system’s administrative operations and hear how their business and IT partnership was a key success driver

icon Gain real-life insights from their journey of partnering with Olive

icon Hear about WVU Medicine's plans to scale their AI workforce enterprise-wide

Watch the webinar now

Learn how an AI workforce can not only increase the efficiency and productivity of your health system’s processes but reallocate existing employees’ time to initiatives that require more of a human touch, too.

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