Front-end improvement as a foundation for back-end efficiency

Panel discussion with The MetroHealth System and Asante

During HBI’s 2020 Fall Member Retreat, Olive Executive Director Dominic Foscato joined two healthcare leaders in revenue cycle to discuss what each organization is doing to streamline revenue cycle processes and patient interactions. Hear how these health systems are able to identify, manage and measure front-end denials, how staff is being held accountable for denials, and how these leaders communicate performance in order to uphold a positive patient experience.

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Through working with Olive, we were able to define workflows and decrease our rejections by about 6%. Once we actually implemented Olive to remove the high level of transactions from our staff, we were able to do another 11% decrease in rejections, and that's huge for us because it was done in a matter of about four to five months.

- Donna Graham, Executive Director of Revenue Cycle at The MetroHealth System

Webinar Learning Objectives

icon Define and learn how others measure front-end denials, hold staff accountable for denial-inducing errors, and communicate performance in this area in order to prevent them from affecting the patient experience

icon Learn where organizations are applying advanced automation and event artificial intelligence to streamline processes and interactions

icon Understand how front-end processes are being continually updated in the current clinical and economical climate in order to elicit a sense of improvement from the patient point of view

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Learn how these healthcare leaders are taking proactive measures to streamline their revenue cycle processes.

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