3 paths to adopting AI & automation: Point solution, proof of concept or enterprise-wide?

Webinar with Olive’s National Strategic Lead

As health systems build their financial recovery plans, AI and automation is increasingly becoming an essential technology to cut costs, increase capacity and drive revenue. And when healthcare executives embark on the journey to find the right AI solution for their organization, they’re faced with a diverse range of implementation model options.

In this webinar, you’ll hear the journeys of real health systems and their unique paths in adopting AI, and gain knowledge of lessons learned along the way. We’ll discuss three common AI-as-a-Service adoption models: point solution, proof of concept and enterprise-wide, and how your peers are navigating complex environments to transform their health systems with AI.

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It's no longer a question of why to invest in AI, it's how to invest that makes the difference.

- Matt Kalina, National Strategic Lead at Olive AI, Inc.

Webinar Learning Objectives

icon Learn the most common AI-as-a-Service implementation models, and the pros and cons of each

icon Gain real-life insights from executives who have implemented AI at their health system

icon Learn how to gain alignment and buy-in on an AI program from stakeholders across your organization

Watch the webinar now

Understand what the right path to adoption is best for your organization

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