Real value is the impact we make together.

What is Pi?

Pi is the ongoing, annual return Olive brings you by raising revenue and reducing costs. It’s the currency we use to create a long relationship of value with you.

We turn your Pi into value.

Use your Pi to turn Olive’s breadth of skills and solutions into real value.

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Your Pi is based on our shared success.

To make implementing new technology less of a challenge, we share a stake in the results of your success. When you purchase Pi, we agree to provide ongoing impact year after year, using a range of solutions that deliver the best outcomes for your organization. This gives us flexibility to accommodate your unique needs, and your Pi guarantees you’ll see results.

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Realized value — every year.

Olive’s solutions provide greater charge capture revenue and cost savings. By optimizing processes and no longer spending money you don’t have to, Olive enables you to realize perpetual savings. Since you can use Pi to invest in your future, it’s the bedrock of a long-term partnership.

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Use your Pi for anything Olive.

You can spend Pi on anything in Olive’s evolving product catalog. We’re constantly innovating to deliver scalable solutions that address healthcare’s most pressing needs. We take this responsibility very seriously and have mobilized our teams to advance our products and capabilities in partnership with you, our customer.

Allocate Pi for ongoing impact.

Olive offers many solutions across the healthcare ecosystem.


Financial clearance

Help patients get the care they need when they need it — all while reducing the care-to-cash cycle, minimizing write-offs and maximizing operating capacity.

Denials resolution

Check claim statuses in order to spend staff hours only on accounts that actually need work — accelerating cash flow and reducing the risk of untimely follow-up.

Population health

Improve the patient experience, while expanding capacity and throughput for core services by automating pre-registration.

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