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No consultants, no extra integrators, no surprise costs. With Olive, you get an all-in-one approach to optimized workflows and improved revenue — that’s AI as a Service.

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For one annual cost, you get everything you need to put Olive to work and keep seeing results.


Identify and pursue the highest-value processes for AI and automation.


Enable ready-made, resilient solutions using leading practice methodologies.

Ongoing support

Ensure uninterrupted and accelerated performance with 99.8% reliability.

Performance Optimization

Elevate your results with Olive’s unparalleled intelligence across healthcare.

See how automation options stack up.


Purchasing a platform
AI as a Service
Automates tasks
Quick deployment and unlimited bots
Scalabilty and learning included
Digital workforce management 24/7 support, analytics and insights
Fully dedicated engineers, machine learning and technology experts

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