Olive is making healthcare more human through automation.

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See the world through Olive’s eyes in the latest issue of Olive Quarterly.

In the Q4 2021 issue, explore how issues like healthcare employee burnout and tech equity are addressed with intelligent automation, meet the minds behind Olive’s expanding marketplace of offerings and more.

What's inside the latest issue:

Let’s solve healthcare’s human problem.

The industry treats workers like data routers instead of humans. Manual data entry causes burnout and eats away time for patients. Explore how intelligent automation delivers a better healthcare experience for all.

Finally, a frictionless solution for prior auth.

Prior authorizations are a leading problem for patients, providers and payers. Find out how Olive reduces friction, streamlining prior auth submissions and automating utilization management.

Partnerships help healthcare travel further, faster.

Olive calls on developers, startups and enterprise organizations to partner and build digital health technology. Read how innovating together offers the fastest way to deliver life-changing outcomes for humans.

Thought Leadership

Create space for innovative ideas to shine brighter.

Perpetual Impact

Perpetual impact (Pi) is the currency that Olive uses to measure the real value she creates by streamlining your healthcare system. See how it works and how you can use it to build your organization’s future.

AI as a Service

Olive is the only automation company that offers AI as a Service, which means you get end-to-end support for one annual cost. From assessing your needs to implementing the right solutions, let Olive lead the way.


An AlphaSite is your AI command center. It’s an onsite location where Olive’s experts help bring your AI workforce to life. See how an AlphaSite can accelerate and extend Olive’s impact for your team.

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