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While 84% of healthcare execs say that resilient automation is important for achieving business objectives, only 16% of firms are very effective at it.1 Cut costs and start driving real ROI – let Olive rebuild, optimize and scale your bots with her AI workforce.

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The burden of building internally is huge

Building your own bots is a long, arduous process. Complex back-office workflows and changing UIs can overwhelm even the best bots, making them more high-maintenance than high-value.

  • For every $1 invested in RPA technology, $3.41 was spent on services to make it work2
  • RPA projects have a 50% failure rate and fewer deliver expected ROI3
  • 87% of organizations have failed to scale AI, stalling at niche and point solutions4
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Cut costs and start driving real results

Our AI workforce is designed for healthcare and consistently updated to reflect the dynamic changes in the industry. The best part? Olive is the only AI solution backed by a central operations center, reliving you of the burden of maintenance and optimization while ensuring you get results.

  • Olive will evaluate your current bots and provide a value analysis
  • Olive will rebuild, optimize and scale your automation program
  • Olive will work with your engineers to upskill their work
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Repurpose your engineers for more critical work

When you take advantage of this program, your engineers can stop focusing on bot breakage and instead become a part of Olive Helps’ groundbreaking technology, developing solutions that will improve workflow efficiencies and automation at your organization.

  • Olive Helps is a lightweight desktop application that gives healthcare workers the information they need – right when they need it – using cybernetic loops.
  • Easy-to-use platform with tools you need to automate, without the investment and hassle of a dedicated automation arm.
  • Create Loops using a ‘no code’ capability or tap into Olive Helps’ Loop Development Kit (LDK).

Less maintenance, more ROI

Learn how Olive’s AI workforce can accelerate your results without straining your resources.

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