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Cost Containment is a Top Priority in 2019

One out of every three dollars spent on healthcare each year is spent on the repetitive, high-volume tasks that make up the administrative side of healthcare. This article takes a deep dive into the root cause of these issues and provides direction on scalable cost containment strategies.

Revenue Cycle Case Study

Interested in how Olive can optimize the revenue cycle at your health system? Check out our recent case study with a nationally-recognized healthcare system.

Four Complexities Driving Up Claim Denials

Today, 90% of insurance claim denials are avoidable1, yet they’re still occurring on a massive scale at healthcare organizations across the country. Learn how hospitals are optimizing the process with AI and automation.

6 Ways to Cut Healthcare Admin Costs

The growing administrative burden has accelerated challenges like leaked revenue, shrinking margins and employee burnout. Learn 6 ways hospitals are tackling these costly challenges in this new eBook.