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Sean Lane, Olive CEO

Sean Lane, Olive CEO

One Giant Leap: How an AI Workforce will Transform Healthcare

October 7
10:00 a.m. CT

AI is enabling enterprises to drive innovation, efficiency and productivity while fundamentally changing the nature of human work. Join Sean as he discusses Olive’s approach to shifting human focus back to patients and innovation – reducing costs, improving the patient experience and transforming the industry for the better.

Becker’s Podcast with Sean Lane, Olive CEO

Becker’s Podcast with Sean Lane, Olive CEO

The Enterprise-wide Financial Impact of AI & Automation

On the tailwinds of COVID-19, health systems are strategizing on how to use AI and automation to quickly recoup revenue. Hear CEO of Olive, Sean Lane, and Becker’s Brian Zimmerman discuss how health systems can get the most value with AI as part of their financial recovery plans – plus, learn how Lane envisions the future of health system operations with the assistance of an AI workforce.

“Fewer than one in five firms are very effective at resilient automation. Most don’t know the total scale & costs associated with their RPA program.”

– Forrester

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