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Addressing drivers of revenue leakage

High administrative costs, inflation, labor shortages and rising denial rates are placing major pressure on healthcare organizations to improve efficiency. Automation solutions are key to addressing these financial challenges head on.

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Automate your revenue cycle with human-elevating technology

Olive’s Autonomous Revenue Cycle (ARC) solution uses modern, interconnected technology to intelligently automate your revenue cycle, empowering humans in healthcare to work at the top of their license.

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How are Olive's solutions autonomous?

Truly autonomous solutions don’t automate away jobs — they elevate humans to work more effectively. Instead of point solutions like other vendors on the market, Olive’s solutions use interconnected processes and enable more revenue cycle workflows to run sequentially, enabling healthcare professionals to focus on high-value tasks.

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Choose a modern architecture over decades-old technology

Olive’s modern architecture operates in a single environment that ingests industry-wide data. With ARC, health systems will unlock previously inaccessible insights into their own revenue cycle data, as well as industry benchmarks.

Start your automation journey with the solution best suited to your needs

Healthcare organizations face a number of revenue cycle challenges. ARC has three solution suites designed to address the most pressing drivers of revenue leakage for your organization.

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Prior Authorization suite

Streamline your prior authorization process from eligibility through post-authorization monitoring to receive more first-pass approvals and accelerate care.
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Patient Access suite

Ensure each patient's coverage information is accurate to prevent downstream denials, and leverage data to determine the likelihood of collecting patient responsibility. Financial counseling services are also available to your patients.
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Claims Management suite

Verify claims are correct before submission to collect everything you can from all payers — with faster reimbursement. And ensure patient coverage is accurate before sending them a statement.

Gain the benefits of revenue cycle automation

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Maximize revenue capture

Reduce patient leakage

Receive payment faster

Reduce front-end eligibility and registration issues.
Improve the care experience and increase throughput.
Avoid preventable denials and accelerate claims processing.
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Leading health systems optimize revenue cycle for cost savings

Health systems are investing in automation to address rising costs. Intelligent automation that breaks down data silos is key to preventing revenue leakage.

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