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Olive Introduces “The Grid” Allowing Employees to Work from Anywhere

The plan empowers employees to work where they are most effective, which will enhance connectedness to customers and make it easier to scale as Olive grows.

Survey: Nearly Two-Thirds of Hospitals to Implement Automation in Next Two Years

As the cost of care continues to rise, learn why hospital leaders are increasingly focused on solving operational inefficiency with AI and automation.

Becker’s and Medstar Webinar Recap: How to Successfully Navigate the AI and Automation Landscape

Hear Sue Whitecotton, MedStar Health’s VP of Patient Financial Services, CBO, and Olive’s General Manager of Revenue Cycle share insights and best practices on deploying a transformative, scalable and sustainable AI and automation program that delivers bottom line impact.

Improving Patient Care, Healthcare Technology and AI

Implementing AI and process automation technology to see improved healthcare information management, reduced administrative inefficiencies and increased revenue recognition.

How Artificial Intelligence bots are exhibiting decision making capabilities

With advances in AI technology, automation bots now exhibit decision making capabilities that will help solve some of healthcare’s biggest problems.

Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence

Watch Sean’s keynote speech about using artificial intelligence as a tool to scale humans like never before.

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