Olive is Solving Healthcare’s Biggest Challenges with AI

Administrative processes are the backbone of healthcare operations, but they’re inefficient, error-prone and strain the capacity of your staff. Learn how Olive’s AI workforce makes healthcare more efficient, more affordable, and more effective.

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Accelerate Time to Value with an Olive AlphaSite

Olive’s partner network includes 60 large health systems made up of over 600 Hospitals. An AlphaSite – or dedicated command center for AI – equips healthcare leaders with the speed, agility, and partnership to accelerate enterprise-wide impact.

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Karen Testman, CFO of MemorialCare

“We have a line forming outside my door in terms of departments and areas of folks saying ‘I want to be next [to implement AI through Olive.]”

- Karen Testman, CFO of MemorialCare

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Book a Free Rapid Assessment with a RPA + AI expert

Curious how much money Olive’s AI workforce could save your organization? Right now, Olive is offering a free rapid assessment that includes:

  • Detailed workflow review
  • Identification of automation opportunities
  • Financial impact & ROI

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