Adapting to the new normal: Accelerating productivity & revenue with an AI workforce

August 19, 2020

As health systems face significant risk to revenue due to COVID-19, healthcare leaders are embracing new ways of working that are centered around sustainability to help them strategize for the future. At HFMA’s 2020 Digital Annual Conference, Olive hosted and moderated a panel with three health system executives and Olive CEO Sean Lane, where they discussed why it’s critical to invest in AI to accelerate revenue, create workforce resiliency, and increase productivity.

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Learning Objectives



Understand how leaders are envisioning the future of work within hospitals & health systems


Learn what drove three leading health systems to invest in AI & what their expectations are for impact


Understand how recent transitions to remote work have spurred innovation & focus toward increasing efficiency & reducing transactional work


Learn how organizations are using AI and automation to re-imagine their human capital strategy