Making the healthcare ecosystem a reality

October 11, 2021

Healthcare may be local, but many of the core problems health systems face are the same, no matter their location. Clinician burnout, long care delays, arduous claims processes, inefficient software systems — these are universal concerns across the country. Time and time again, we hear physicians, nurses, office staff and leadership bring up these issues.

Each of these, however, is merely a symptom of the larger problem that healthcare faces today: Healthcare is an industry built on fragmented, siloed, outdated technology. Instead of creating efficiencies and improving care, too often, current software systems only add administrative burdens and turn humans into data routers.

The solution to this problem isn’t just new or updated software, however. And it's not point solutions that act as a bandaid. If we apply the same strategies of the past, we will never transform healthcare at the magnitude and scale that the industry — and the patients — needs.

What healthcare needs is an entire mindset shift as to how we deploy and develop technology in our hospitals and other sites of care. We need a technology ecosystem that involves players at every level of the industry.

Olive is working hard to turn this ecosystem mindset into action

At Olive, we’re firm believers in the possibilities and potential of a healthcare ecosystem — it’s the best way to bring real change to the entire industry. When industry stakeholders start to work together, each piece will integrate to improve care delivery and outcomes, while reducing costs and inefficiencies.

“We can’t reimagine healthcare with only the most powerful organizations in the space or with startups alone,” says Mike Biselli, Olive’s Evangelist. “We must do it together. Anyone passionate about reimagining healthcare has a seat at our table.”

The Olive Helps platform is one way Olive is working to partner with industry stakeholders to solve healthcare’s big problems. It’s the first healthcare platform with a developer ecosystem, meaning anyone can build solutions on it using Olive’s Loop Development Kit.

A Loop is an AI application that assists human healthcare employees with a workflow. Solutions built on the Olive Helps platform can help with medical coding, call centers, healthcare education and much more — with new solutions being added continually by a range of developers and organizations. Loops are stored in the Loop Library and are available much like apps in an app store.

Already, the Olive Helps platform has created a growing ecosystem of partners building Loops, including ASUS, Dignity Health Global Education, Ribbon Health and others.

HLTH 2021 is bringing together leaders to develop the healthcare ecosystem

Olive's continued work to create the Internet of Healthcare ties closely to HLTH’s goal to bring together the entire health ecosystem focused on health innovation and transformation.

HLTH’s annual conference is one of its keystone initiatives building toward that goal. The conference provides educational and networking opportunities for members of the entire healthcare industry — payers, providers, employers, investors, startups, life sciences companies, policymakers and innovation centers. It represents all the groups who can, and want, to make a difference.

Ready to learn more about the Olive ecosystem?

HLTH 2021 is the perfect time to learn about partnering with Olive to join the ecosystem reimagining healthcare.

Stop by booth A18, join us for a happy hour or attend our tech talk sessions:

  • A Conversation with Industry Leaders from Olive and Microsoft
  • Need a Boost? Reimagine Productivity with Healthcare’s AI Sidekick
  • Partnering with Olive: Solving healthcare’s biggest problems while creating new revenue streams