Inside the GuideWell and Olive partnership to automate prior authorization

May 2, 2022

Prior authorization is a notoriously friction-ridden, time-consuming process for both payers and providers — and it can leave patients waiting more than two weeks for the care they need.

GuideWell and Olive are working together to change that. The partnership, announced in February, will leverage powerful AI to generate streamlined authorization reviews and faster decision-making for providers in Florida, giving 2.5 million commercial health plan members access to care up to 10 days faster.

“This partnership with Olive is going to transform a very frustrating and labor-intensive process,” said Tina Cummings, vice president of clinical operations and performance at GuideWell’s largest subsidiary in Florida.

Cummings recently spoke with YiDing Yu, M.D., chief medical officer and executive vice president of payer product at Olive, to share details of the partnership and how it will positively impact health plan staff, providers in Florida and GuideWell’s members.

Watch their full conversation, moderated by Olive Evangelist Mike Biselli, below.

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