Get ready — it’s a new Olive at HIMSS21

July 20, 2021

Updated 8/6/2021: As a company committed to public health, Olive has considered the country’s rising COVID-19 cases and made the difficult decision to attend HIMSS21 virtually this year. This step will protect the safety of all Olivians, customers, partners and the public. Though the team won’t be physically in attendance, you can still connect with Olive virtually at our three Innovation Live Theater Sessions.

A lot has changed in the past year and a half: for healthcare, the world and for Olive. Since then, we have dramatically grown and expanded with new products, new acquisitions and new solutions. What hasn’t changed? Our mission to transform healthcare and reduce waste through automation. Olive is the automation company creating the Internet of Healthcare. By connecting the industry’s systems and processes, Olive rapidly delivers intelligence that results in better human outcomes.

In recent months we’ve rolled out several new technologies and solutions to benefit all of healthcare, not just providers. From health systems and physician offices to payers and even patients, we now support the entire system. We have applied AI and automation to the revenue cycle, supply chain, call centers, utilization management, patient access and so much more. We even have the first and only end-to-end prior authorization solution for both payers and providers, enabling point-of-care approvals and completely revolutionizing the way patients and providers can confidently access appropriate care. We’re ready to fully connect healthcare, and we can’t wait to show you how at HIMSS21!

Stop by Booth 2273 to meet our team

Learn more about our new innovations and see demos at our booth at HIMSS, which will include our mobile AI command center (read: a giant, purple bus) known as Go1. After touring the country and serving over 14,000 meals to frontline healthcare workers, Go1 is making a pit stop at HIMSS21. Make sure you book a tour for a firsthand look at Olive’s enterprise-changing capabilities.

We’re also sponsoring Innovation Live, an area dedicated specifically to disruptive technologies and industry accelerators. Three AI experts from Olive will speak at Innovation Live Theater sessions throughout the week, where they’ll discuss the latest in automation technology and how you can succeed with artificial intelligence.

Attend an Innovation Live session

Hear more about the fascinating world of cybernetics, the technology behind a new AI co-worker powered by Olive Helps, from Olive’s Chief Product Officer, Rohan D’Souza. During his session, he’ll explore how cybernetics can pull intelligence from the healthcare community and then surface relevant information to human employees — helping them to work faster and reduce errors. It’s a new way of thinking about AI, beyond automation.

2020 showed healthcare just how much the industry needs AI and automation. The percent of hospitals that had an AI strategy in 2020 was up to 90% from 37% in 20191 — and now is the time to make that strategy a reality. Lori Jones, President of the Provider Market and Chief Revenue Officer of Olive, will share strategies for operationalizing your AI during her session. She will explain why choosing the right AI partners is a critical success factor and provide valuable information about vendor evaluations and various AI technology platforms so you can help your organization make the best implementation decisions.

Shifting from strategy to impact, Bradley Gallaher, Executive Director of Olive, will share the success story of one Olive customer. In his session, you’ll learn how leaders at a top U.S. health system are seeing tangible results from their enterprise-wide AI strategy, creating both immediate and lasting value. From the beginning, Olive has believed a bot should not be doing the same thing on day 1 as day 100 or day 1000. You won’t want to miss Gallaher’s session full of real examples of evolving AI and the dramatic impact it can have on a health system’s bottom line.

Dive deep into the true purpose of Olive

Healthcare is a life-and-death industry; doesn’t it deserve the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies and platforms? We believe that healthcare needs an internet to bridge the gap between payers, providers and patients, and it must break down the silos of legacy technologies. We are working on building a technology platform, in the truest sense of the word, that can tackle some of healthcare’s most important technology challenges. And we know that one company alone won’t solve these challenges. It will take hard work. It will take dreamers. It will take pioneers. It will take risk takers. It will take all of us, together, to build an ecosystem that is open to all developers and organizations — so healthcare can finally operate on one, ubiquitous, global platform.

Our CEO, Sean Lane, will share more about this vision in his Industry Solution session, a rally cry for developers to turn healthcare into a transformative industry that leads the way in innovation. Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 12 so you can hear from Sean himself.

We’ve come a long way since the last in-person HIMSS, and yet, we’re just getting started. Discover the new Olive at HIMSS21.