Deep Purple: Harness the power of Olive's intelligence across the network

January 27, 2020

The world’s greatest networks draw their strength from the volume, quality, and usability of their data, empowering individuals to achieve their goals because of the actions and learnings of people around them - whether it’s finding the perfect job, matching with a potential partner, or assembling the best playlist. But the great irony in healthcare? Despite the known value information sharing has on better outcomes, no such network exists. While payors can look across all providers and patients they serve to analyze claims and data, for example, providers can only look within their own organization. Deep Purple is shifting that paradigm and giving power back to providers through the growing intelligence of Olive’s AI workforce. Serving as Olive’s singular brain across the entire provider network she serves, Deep Purple equips Olive with unparalleled AI workforce intelligence – intelligence that’s only possible because of the network upon which Olive is built.  

Olive’s shared memories | Amassing data & insights from Olive’s work

To enable smart decisions and improvements, Olive’s first order of business is to collect data about the work she is completing, ranging from demographic information and diagnosis codes, to inventory logs. Rather than pre-defining what data Olive needs to collect, Olive collects all relevant, contextual information surrounding her work and makes sense of it later. Because Olive doesn’t qualify the information she ingests, her intelligence - stored in Deep Purple - is unbounded and unmatched. In fact, since Olive’s inception in 2017, she has ingested more than 100 terabytes of data to enhance her knowledge base - and this number grows by at least half a terabyte daily. To put that in perspective, over the course of nearly 30 years, the Hubble Space Telescope has collected more than 150 terabytes1 of images and data and adds approximately 18 gigabytes of data weekly2. This data store enables an unmatched view of administrative activities – across process, EHRs, departments, and people. This vast knowledge improves the foundation Olive has to make informed choices and recommendations, raising Olive’s resiliency, design, speed and impact.  

Olive’s collective wisdom | Applying learnings across Olive’s network of providers

Having access to data and acting upon it are two very different things. Fortunately, Olive excels at both. Every Olive learns and improves together – for example, if one Olive learns about a UI change in a payor portal, all Olives, at all hospitals, are instantly aware of the change and are updated accordingly, and unnecessary failures are stopped in their tracks. Enacting Olive’s collective wisdom across the healthcare industry allows health systems to improve the precision and confidence of their decisions by drawing on data from the work Olive has done, and is doing, in every hospital that she serves. And by harnessing Olive’s industry-wide learning, health systems can now discover new insights, analyze patterns, and propel the success of their AI workforce.  

Olive’s global awareness | The power of connecting disparate sets of information

Interoperability is a consistent and growing challenge facing healthcare. With Deep Purple’s growing repository of knowledge, Olive enables global awareness, or the understanding and deduping of information across multiple networks, systems, databases, or contexts, helping to transcend those information silos. One example is Olive quickly identifying a portal outage at one organization and having the insight and process to change the work Olive is doing at all other organizations that would be affected. We’re already seeing opportunities to recognize a particular patient’s identity across multiple physician offices or hospitals – even across different health systems globally. This identification and matching of people and systems is fundamentally important to building the interoperability required for a universal view of healthcare. And with the power of Deep Purple’s global awareness, healthcare interoperability is closer than it seems.  

Olive’s new discoveries | Identifying & acting on grassroots intelligence to extend value

Olive’s collective, industry-wide learning enables health systems to make more informed decisions to improve their business and achieve rapid transformation. With Deep Purple, hospitals can take the guesswork out of performance management and optimization with a 360 view of their organization’s operations – and the successes of leading health systems across the country – to help identify new sources of value long after automations are live. The network effect allows one hospital to surface an improvement that can rapidly cascade impact across providers nationwide. For example, because Olive can look across all of the healthcare providers she serves, she was able to quickly identify a new candidate process for automation for denials rework that would eliminate the highest percentage denial code for the hospitals using a specific, high-volume portal. This optimization had a significant impact across the hospitals that Olive serves, allowing them to receive critical reimbursement faster. Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes, from all sources – and Deep Purple harnesses it for the good of the network. With the platform’s wisdom, Olive can also quickly evaluate the merit of potential improvements by modeling the network-wide impact of solutions Olive has developed. With Deep Purple, an AI workforce can quickly take on more complex and specialized tasks and rapidly deploy predictive models to capture new and increased sources of value. And this continual stream of data transforms and propels the success of an AI workforce, ensuring perpetual impact to the bottom line.  

Learn more about the power of Olive’s growing intelligence

With Deep Purple, your first automation project is powered by the learnings of every project Olive has done previously. Your next enhancement is one of many in Olive’s growing arsenal of best practices. And every Olive learns together, like a network, so health systems never have to solve the same problem twice. Want to expand the scope and power of your organization’s intelligence with data that transcends traditional healthcare – and RPA – boundaries? Learn more about Olive here.