Apertures: How Olive displays performance & value

September 10, 2020

At the heart of any business - healthcare included - are goals and metrics that drive actions and decision making. Benchmarking and measuring performance are how you stay on track. As the conversation around healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) and automation switches from “if” to “when”, healthcare organizations need to think about how they’ll monitor and measure the results of their AI solutions. In the current environment, here is what a lot of people do for new initiatives: choose a couple metrics, then set a benchmark and a timeframe – let’s pretend a year – and measure quarterly. Each quarter, pull a report, create some charts, and present progress. Sound familiar? We thought so. Olive knows there’s a better way.

Meet Apertures: One view to rule them all

Apertures is Olive’s real-time data visualization and performance management tool – it’s so much more than a dashboard. Unlike the data dump dashboards of the past, Apertures updates in real-time and only provides the information your organization wants and needs.

Olive Apertures provide:
  • 24/7 real-time tracking of key metrics
  • Web-based access, available from any device
  • Customized views for your organization
  • Easily digestible data reporting

Apertures is more than a cool new way to show data – it’s an integral part of our vision of the AI-powered hospital and the next generation of measuring AI performance and value.

Visibility into performance leads to growth

Olive is not a one-and-done solution. She’s an entire AI workforce designed to positively augment your human employees and reduce the burden of your entire backend operations. This isn’t something you complete in a year or even two – it’s an ongoing process as Olive continues to find high-value processes to automate and areas for revenue or efficiency improvement. But healthcare organizations investing in an AI workforce need to know that they’ve made the right choice. With Apertures, you have her up-to-date return on investment and accelerated total value right at your fingertips. It provides the visibility that organizations need to deploy Olive across their organizations and create enterprise-wide transformation. Apertures makes the invisible, visible by clearly communicating Olive’s impact and value over time. It’s a tool for healthcare organizations to maintain momentum, communicate value, and drive change. As we’ve discussed before in our approach to change management, ongoing assessment and communication is critical to AI workforce success. With Apertures, it is easy to understand and share the impact Olive is having, so you can build internal consensus and excitement around the future of your health system. Apertures also helps you manage and prioritize all of your Candidate Processes for Automation (CPAs). As our customers can attest: as soon as people start seeing the impact of Olive, other departments will be lining up hoping to get Olive implemented for their teams as well. Apertures help guide expansion by presenting progress on current and queued CPAs, plus realized or expected value of those automations. This visibility gives leaders the information they need to scale quickly and with confidence that Olive is delivering on her promises.

Elevate your AlphaSite experience with Apertures

Are you considering an Olive AlphaSite? At our AlphaSites, we believe so strongly in the power of visibility and our ability to deliver 5X ROI that we continuously display Apertures on an Alpha Wall screen, in your offices, or hallways. Everyone walking by a screen displaying Apertures is immediately on the same page as to Olive’s progress and performance – at that exact moment. That’s power on display.

Reduced complexity. Increased performance.

Just as Olive continuously learns and improves via her growing network across healthcare, Apertures is designed to help healthcare organizations continuously improve. By showing you clearly and simply only the custom information your organization needs, you’re given the tools to scale AI across your hospital and increase Olive’s value and impact. Apertures is bringing us one step closer to the AI-powered organization of the future.