5 reasons healthcare executives prefer AI-as-a-Service

May 7, 2021

A recent survey by Sage Growth Partners found that health system executives prefer a holistic approach to purchasing artificial intelligence services, with nearly half favoring a partner that can deliver an all-in-one offering. It’s called AI as a Service, or AIaaS.

Like other ‘as a Service’ models that have gained traction in recent years throughout the IT industry, AI as a Service is growing in popularity in healthcare. It offers many benefits to organizations that choose this purchasing model for artificial intelligence initiatives, such as focusing internal resources and automatic updates. Let’s dive in to five of the top reasons that healthcare executives prefer AI as a Service:

1. Focused Resources and Expertise to Accelerate Impact

Every health system has multiple initiatives on their plate. Even when seen as important to current and future operational success, it can be difficult for an organization to dedicate the time and resources necessary to build AI internally or manage a one-and-done purchased solution. Instead, AI as a Service allows health systems to focus on their core business initiative – the patient experience – not on becoming experts in artificial intelligence. Instead of taking away internal resources to develop, implement, and manage their AI, AI as a Service partners give health systems time back by reducing their employees workload. Plus, the AIaaS partner will accelerate the impact of AI in your organization by leveraging expertise gained through other customers. 

2. Time-Tested Enterprise Roadmap

Health systems need solutions now. Healthcare AI can be transformational, but identifying the right processes to automate and creating a strategy for speedy implementation is critical to an organization’s ability to drive efficiency, impact, and enterprise-wide transformation. AI as a Service partners are experts in prioritizing highest value processes for automation, and use a library of proven tools to decrease time to build them. It enables health systems to tap into implementation experience, best practice methodologies, and skills templates to improve workflow design and rapidly build automations with ease, versatility, and with the security complexities of healthcare top of mind. AI as a Service can accelerate your time to ROI, so you can start seeing the benefits from artificial intelligence sooner.

3. An AI workforce That Actually Works

One of AI’s biggest obstacles in healthcare today is the propensity of the technologies to become time and financial drains, requiring ongoing maintenance and additional funds just to keep a solution functioning at its bare minimum capacity. With AIaaS, healthcare organizations instead get a partner that is fully responsible for the AI services they deliver. Performance monitoring, proactive issue resolution, and automatic updating are no longer your responsibility, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care without worrying about your artificial intelligence solutions in the background. When you choose artificial intelligence as a service, you get an AI workforce that simply works.

4. No Surprise Costs

Let’s face it: the current purchasing model for AI services is broken. Many AI and automation vendors don’t offer support services that cover changes to the applications, general maintenance, or updates to the processes you’ve automated. To solve that problem, AI as a Service eliminates unexpected costs with an all-in-one annual approach to AI and automation, so health systems don’t have to worry about licensing fees, software maintenance, consultants, integrators, maintenance and more, through a single partnership that helps organizations meet their changing needs.

5. Maximizing The Power of Data

By working with an AI as a Service partner, health systems can gain significant insights and benefits from data. With access to workflow best practices across healthcare and real-time insights into productivity, health systems are able to quickly adapt or action new workflows with strategic decision-making support. This critical data and expanded scope also enables your AI technology to quickly take on more complex and specialized tasks and rapidly deploy predictive models to capture new and increased sources of value. This continual stream of data transforms and propels the success of your investment over time, ensuring perpetual impact to the bottom line.

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