All great care starts with Patient Access.

Automating Patient Access gives patients and providers accurate record information while connecting patients with the quality care they deserve.

Closing the gap between patients and their care.

Outstanding care doesn’t always equate to patient satisfaction. Olive aims to better connect the two, automating processes to increase capacity, deliver quality outcomes and improve patient experiences.

Follow Olive’s end-to-end path for improving Patient Access.

Prior Authorization

Accelerate your prior authorization process and empower your staff with medical necessity guidance for more than 40,000 health plans, plus comprehensive, real-time EHR integration.

Coverage Identification

Reduce bad debt write-offs by identifying and correcting coverages that were not collected from the payer or were collected unsuccessfully.


Improve your collection rate and reduce write-offs by confirming coverage is active, in the right filing order and billable, while providing staff and patients with up-to-date benefit information.

Real-Time Eligibility

Connect and submit a request for a patient’s eligibility status, view benefit information and ensure appropriate Coordination of Benefits — all within seconds with your existing EHR systems.

It’s time to transform the traditional clearinghouse.

No more high-risk implementations that disrupt your cash flow or costly transaction fees. Our Clearinghouse solution delivers a true partnership that provides seamless claims and remittance management — we don’t get paid unless the providers get paid.

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Thought Leadership

See how AI is transforming healthcare.

The future of healthcare is already here. Hear from industry leaders about how today’s most innovative technology is creating lasting impact for patients, providers and payers.

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