Olive Helps your healthcare team work smarter by delivering the right information at the right time

Work smarter, not harder

Through a lightweight desktop application, Olive Helps, healthcare workers get access to the key information they need. Real-time, task-specific intelligence minimizes human error, mitigates risk and enhances the patient experience.

Fuel human productivity

Olive Helps rescues healthcare professionals from repetitive workflows, reduces time for critical tasks and increases the accuracy of your work — every single day.

Capabilities built to meet your needs

A range of Loops — think apps in an app store — are available to use with Olive Helps. Loops work right on your desktop, streamlining workflows and improving secure access to patient data. Loops can be built in-house or by one of our Loop creation partners.

Start your journey with a conversation

Talk to our team about your organization, and we’ll help you find the solutions that are right for you.

“Olive Helps is designed to improve efficiency and productivity. It works hand-in-hand with human workers, using cybernetics to provide real-time intelligence while they’re handling their most critical tasks. With Olive Helps, we can empower the human workforce.”

Sean Lane

CEO at Olive

Sean Lane

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