Accelerate care and speed to revenue with Olive’s End-to-End Prior Authorization Solution

By giving you control over the entire process, Olive lets you submit prior authorizations with confidence and prevent costly appeals. She fuels top-line growth by achieving more first-pass approvals, increasing patient throughput and revenue.

Automation and AI for prior authorization

Error-prone, inefficient prior authorization workflows are the root cause of treatment delays, revenue leakage and inflated administrative costs. Olive is taking the prior authorization problem into her own hands, easing the burden every step of the way.

Proven results

Using her automation and AI capabilities, Olive streamlines the prior authorization process and gives you wide-range visibility into your revenue cycle with on-demand reports that track your peer-to-peers, prior authorization throughput, authorization turnaround times and more.

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Improves department and staff efficiency by up to 30% or more

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Reduces additional documentation requests and related appeals using clinical packaging by up to 50%

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Increases patient and physician satisfaction with up to 8-day faster approvals

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Decreases prior auth-related write-offs by up to 25%

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Olive receives KLAS Points of Light recognition

AI-enabled prior authorization solution awarded for helping payers and providers improve patient experience.
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Customer Story

Essentia achieves prior auth decisions 4-5 days faster with Olive’s End-to-End Prior Authorization Solution.
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Blog post

Automating one part of the prior authorization process is not enough: Why a full end-to-end solution matters.