Olive’s End-to-End Prior Authorization solution streamlines the industry’s most challenging process

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Prevent revenue leakage

Prior authorization costs health systems millions in patient leakage and write-offs. The industry needs a prior authorization solution that automates the process — end to end.

An autonomous prior authorization solution elevates staff at every step

Other vendors offer point solutions that only address certain steps of the prior authorization process. Olive is the only automation technology that uses a series of interconnected workflows to support your team and streamline a prior authorization from order to post-procedure.

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Initial physician order

AI-powered package assembly

Post-authorization monitoring

Working alongside your team as a virtual employee, Olive runs authorization determination checks and fully completes cases where no prior auth is required.
To get the fastest decisions from payers, Olive uses AI to review clinical documentation and help assemble a high-quality, curated submission.
After prior auth approval, Olive watches for any changes that could cause a claim denial up to the scheduled procedure date and for 14 days after
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Avoid revenue leakage

When a prior authorization is denied, you have all the overhead and operating costs with none of the revenue, and denials can cause many patients to abandon care altogether. Prevent patient and revenue leakage with high-quality prior authorization submissions, and rely on Olive to ensure the prior authorization approval remains accurate to prevent a write-off downstream.

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Improve patient outcomes

With many prior authorization orders never resulting in delivered care due to denials or patient abandonment, health systems need a way to improve the patient experience. Olive’s curated prior authorization submissions receive faster decisions with fewer peer-to-peer reviews, resulting in the ability to quickly schedule patients for treatment, fewer canceled appointments and better patient outcomes.

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Reduce administrative burden and burnout

Prior authorization is the most expensive, time consuming process in revenue cycle, placing administrative burden on clinicians and staff. Olive’s prior authorization solution helps teams work more efficiently with automations that reduce the number of clicks required from human staff while enabling them to more efficiently select clinical documentation tailored to meet medical necessity.

A comprehensive prior authorization solution for a case’s full life cycle

To streamline the prior authorization process, Olive automates the steps where manual tasks are a bottleneck and instead empowers humans to make high-quality decisions when assembling clinical documentation to meet medical necessity. With Olive’s support, prior authorizations receive higher approval rates, faster decisions and fewer downstream claim denials.


Insurance verification and benefit checks are a critical first step to ensure authorization determination is run for the correct insurance to avoid potential denials.

Authorization determination

Olive assigns herself cases and works like an employee, confirming whether an authorization is required and auto-completing cases where no prior auth is necessary.

Medical necessity criteria

Each payer's policy is available right at your team’s fingertips if needed, so it’s easy to find the policy and medical necessity rules for particular treatments.

AI-powered clinical packaging

Olive searches through thousands of documents for the appropriate clinical documents needed to accelerate payer decisions and uses AI to build the submission.

User submission

Staff perform a final review of the submission and use a one-click copy assistant to submit via the payer portals or Olive can auto-populate payer forms to send via eFax.

Status checks

Olive regularly checks authorization status for the submission.

Post-authorization monitoring

After approval, Olive continues to watch for changes that could invalidate the authorization. If a change occurs, Olive notifies a staff member for review.


Real-time reporting shows how both Olive and human staff are performing, giving wide-ranging visibility into key revenue cycle statistics.

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