Automate your revenue cycle with human-elevating technology

Olive’s Autonomous Revenue Cycle (ARC) solution uses modern, interconnected technology to intelligently automate your revenue cycle, empowering humans in healthcare to work at the top of their license.

Healthcare needs automation

Point-based systems have failed to address high costs, rising denial rates and staff burnout. Healthcare needs connected solutions that deliver actionable intelligence.

Start with a suite of interconnected solutions

With ARC, you begin your automation journey by implementing product suites that can build on each other overtime — starting in the area of your revenue cycle that needs automation the most.

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Prior Authorization suite

Streamline your prior authorization process from eligibility through post-authorization monitoring to receive more first-pass approvals and accelerate care.
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Patient Access suite

Ensure each patient's coverage information is accurate to prevent downstream denials, and leverage data to determine the likelihood of collecting patient responsibility. Financial counseling services are also available to your patients.
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Claims Management suite

Verify claims are correct before submission to collect everything you can from all payers — with faster reimbursement. And ensure patient coverage is accurate before sending them a statement.
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Enable intelligent insights with AI

Interconnected solutions can unlock data across an organization’s revenue cycle with machine learning. Connections highlight trends in denials and intelligent insights that enable proactive decision making and avoid write offs.

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Additional solutions à la carte

Olive offers à la carte solutions that provide additional value to any of our ARC suites. Connect with us to see how other solutions may meet your needs.

Start your journey with a conversation

Talk to our team about your organization, and we’ll help you find the solutions that are right for you.

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