Revenue cycle management needs intelligent automation

From eligibility checks to appeals, repetitive, manual revenue cycle tasks across fragmented systems cost $250 billion annually. Olive’s AI workforce gives time back to healthcare staff, reduces uncompensated care and improves the quality of care delivery.

An AI workforce for revenue cycle

Free up your healthcare staff to focus on more complex, high-value work with intelligent automation. Olive’s Autonomous Revenue Cycle solution improves the quality of care and the patient experience.

Multiple solutions improve each stage of your revenue cycle

Olive’s Autonomous Revenue Cycle is a two-suite solution that optimizes processes from the front desk to the back office. Patient Access solutions empower your front office staff, and Reimbursement Management solutions streamline the back-end revenue cycle to improve your bottom line.

Explore the benefits

Olive works multiple jobs to improve patient access and reimbursement management. Using intelligent automation, she minimizes revenue leakage, prevents denials and accelerates claims processing for faster payment collection.

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A flexible solution

Fits your workflow needs with single or bundled solutions to unlock a fully automated revenue cycle

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Intelligent analytics

Gain more than basic analytic reports: use machine learning and payer connections to drive intelligent automations

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More than single-point fixes

Directly integrates with your EHR to optimize not just single workflows but across the entire revenue cycle

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A true AI workforce

Increases staff productivity without increasing headcount to accelerate revenue

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