By taking the pain out of prior authorizations, you can focus on patient care

Prior authorization is the #1 administrative burden cited by providers

Most prior authorization processes are inefficient and error-prone, resulting in revenue leakage and strained resources. Physicians spend nearly an hour per day on prior authorizations, while staff members spend an additional 19 hours per week dealing with payer approvals.

  • 92% of care delays can be traced back to prior authorization issues
  • 90% of authorization-related denials are preventable
  • 8% of all medical necessity rules and requirements change each month

Discover the Olive difference

Within weeks of launching Olive’s prior authorization solution, New England Baptist Hospital transformed their patient experience and prior authorization workflow, dramatically reducing write-offs, cutting turnaround times, and improving productivity.


Reduction in write-offs

8 days

Faster turnaround


Higher staff productivity

Olive’s AI automation provides prior authorization task relief & reporting visibility

Olive relieves you from manual prior authorization tasks by integrating EMR information, and using AI automation to determine if an authorization is required, help you submit the prior authorization requests, send denied-claim appeals, and give your health system an unfettered view of your authorization performance. This means your patients not only get the care they need faster, but it also eliminates confusing bills they might otherwise receive post-service if their claims were initially denied.

By leveraging powerful prior authorization AI, Olive empowers specialty practices, hospitals, and health systems like yours to get control over your prior authorization task burden. She delivers complete visibility across all types of prior authorizations, from simple to complex, and provides you with immediate ROI through operational efficiency and captured revenue.

Healthcare’s only AI platform for end-to-end prior authorization

Olive’s AI-powered solution automates the entire end-to-end process for you, including the hardest parts: handling medical necessity review and clinical documents. With a recent KLAS report on Verata (now part of Olive) showing that 100% of healthcare customers would buy again, it’s clear that Olive is the best-in-class solution to help eliminate your prior auth burdens — for good.

Olive’s AI platform transforms your prior authorization process

In five seamless steps, Olive helps you take control of prior authorizations so you can focus on what you do best, patient care.


Checks if prior authorization is needed

Olive checks with payers and updates your EMR for you.


Initiates prior authorizations from your EMR

Olive prepares and builds every prior authorization directly from your EMR so you don’t have to.


Reviews medical necessity rules and requirements

Olive retrieves medical necessity rules from 40,000 national, regional, and state payers and identifies the clinical requirements and documentation for you


Sees every authorization through to completion

Olive helps submit prior authorizations, tracks any inquiries, and makes status checks.


Submits appeals automatically

If a procedure is denied after service, Olive sends the first-pass appeal for you.

Free yourself to focus on what’s really important

Let Olive do the work of reducing write-offs and increasing patient throughput, freeing your staff to care for your patients.

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