Deliver prior authorization approvals at the point-of‑care

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Team up with Olive and Reimagine Utilization Management

Utilization Management is effortless with Olive

Within weeks of launching Olive’s prior authorization solution, payers can transform their member experience and be seen by providers as the “plan of choice” for care networks.

AI-powered prior authorizations

Olive solves prior authorization on both ends of the fax machine, so reviewers spend less time chasing faxes and performing expensive manual clinical reviews.

Streamline utilization management

Electronic transmissions and rich clinical data coming directly from major EMRs provide unparalleled access to clinical information that intelligently transforms utilization management.

Speed like none other

Point-of-care approvals mean faster care for your members and industry-breaking turnaround times to dominate your markets.

Learn how Olive can help you focus on member satisfaction instead of clinical reviews

The prior authorization challenge

When left to manual processing, prior authorization management is one of the most labor-intensive functions for both providers and payers. It is easily the #1 source of provider dissatisfaction with health plans while patients experience delays in care.

89% of prior authorizations require phone calls or faxes

92% of authorization-related denials are preventable

90% of care delays can be traced to prior authorization issues

Leading cause of member dissatisfaction toward their health plan

Join the Internet of Healthcare

Olive shines a light on the critical tasks, such as prior authorization, that today are disconnected and inefficient. Using the power of artificial intelligence, Olive is creating an Internet of Healthcare that transforms a health plan’s relationship with its members and providers.

When payers join the Internet of Healthcare, they receive unparalleled access to patient information and medical records. Leveraging Olive’s AI workforce will help you eliminate manual processes, slash administrative costs, and redefine the member experience.


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Delight your members & network providers

The prior authorization process doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Olive’s prior authorization AI delivers point-of-care decisions to your network providers and accelerates utilization management so patients get the right care at the right time.

Here’s how it works: With our vast footprint of providers and integrations with the nation’s top EMRs, Olive supports providers with prior authorizations across all payers and all specialties. When partnered with a payer for point-of-care authorization, Olive immediately identifies prior authorization requests from the EHR for your members. She then leverages your specific medical necessity criteria and the member’s EHR documentation to perform an AI powered clinical review at the point-of-care. Seamlessly integrated with your care management system and supporting 278, 275 and API transactions, Olive is your prior authorization payer API—obsoleting the fax machine and connecting providers and payers with unparalleled data.

What does point-of-care authorizations mean for payers, their members and providers? Because Olive has thousands of hospital and specialty providers as customers, she is able to leverage her network and proprietary connections to offer payers 100% faster prior authorization turnarounds and approvals at the point-of-care.

Automated utilization management enables faster decisions at the point-of-care and provides patients with immediate access to health services. Both are crucial in delivering appropriate care and becoming the plan of choice for your providers and members.

Are you ready to transform prior authorization for your members?