Olive’s end-to-end solution to the prior authorization problem

Olive’s AI-powered platform removes prior authorization barriers so patients get the right care at the right time.

Transform your prior authorization approvals with AI

Prior authorizations are the most costly and time-consuming transactions for healthcare providers and payers, and are a top reason for delays in patient care. As revenue-challenged hospitals and health systems strive to meet patient, payer and provider needs, the opportunity for AI technologies to increase efficiency and improve the patient experience is now.

Seamlessly connected to provider EHR systems, Olive’s AI technology automatically initiates prior authorizations, retrieves payer rules, and helps identify and submit clinical documentation from the EHR.

When payers leverage Olive’s AI platform, she enables authorizations for providers and patients at point-of-care, dramatically improving timely access to needed services.

Olive’s suite of AI tools accelerates her positive impact on automating and solving the $31 billion problem of prior authorizations in healthcare.

Solve your prior authorization problem

Olive’s platform is the only AI-powered solution that automates the entire end-to-end prior authorization process, including medical necessity review. Once implemented, Olive’s platform reduces write-offs and increases patient throughput by leveraging the might of artificial intelligence to deliver timely and accurate prior authorization approvals. Olive standardizes, then scales the prior authorization workflows across your entire organization.


Lower write-offs

Write-offs cost health systems millions every year. By eliminating errors in prior authorizations, Olive dramatically reduces write-offs.


Faster decisions

Olive retrieves real-time medical necessity criteria so you can get the right approvals, eliminate care bottlenecks, reduce patient leakage, and delight your patients.


Return on investment

Improve operational efficiency, increase patient throughput, and maximize capacity so you’re not left with empty scanners, idle ORs, and canceled appointments.

Olive believes prior authorization doesn’t need to be complicated

Each of us has the first-hand experience with the frustration of prior authorization as patients, as physicians, and health system executives. Created by a physician-led team that is passionate about solving the burden of prior authorization, Olive’s AI-powered platform streamlines the prior authorization process from end-to-end. Find out how Olive helped a major medical center cut prior authorization turnaround times by 60% and increase monthly revenue by 13–25%.

Olive’s record of success in prior authorization improvements spans leading healthcare organizations across the country

Beth Israel Lahey Health | New England Baptist Hospital
Watertown Regional Medical Center
Ochsner Health
Gunderson Health System

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