Olive for Prescription Pre-Certifications

Fully automate your prescription precerts initiation process

With Olive, providers can ensure that prescription pre-certifications requests are submitted in a paperless, secure environment, and that determinations are made quickly. By automating these repetitive, high volume tasks, Olive provides true interoperability and allows your staff to focus on what matters most—your patients.

Olive for Prescription Pre-Certifications

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Increased speed to therapy

Lower prescription abandonment

Decreased readmission rates

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Is alerted when a fax for a prescription pre-certification arrives at the provider.

Accesses the provider’s EHR to fill in any additional information required to initiate the pre-certification.

Accesses the fax via the provider’s eFax software and uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract the PA information.

Initiates thepre-certification to the Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM).

Sends an email notification to the provider to let them know they have pre-certs in their queue, once the PBM has responded with questions to complete the pre-certification.

OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION (OCR) Optical character recognition allows Olive to extract rich information in order to categorize, process, and transfer visual data. Olive will recognize printed text characters, and then translate and transfer patient demographic data into the appropriate systems for data processing.

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