How does Olive use AI for clinical analytics?

Olive unleashes AI-powered clinical analytics

Physicians can identify unwarranted clinical variation, improve patient outcomes and increase the affordability of care – starting with surgery.

Over $90M in savings for Intermountain Healthcare

Olive’s proprietary methodology evolved from a 5-year program with Intermountain Healthcare surgical teams and saved them over $90 million.

Database of more than 2M surgeries

Olive supports hundreds of hospitals, ASCs and health systems, creating a database of over 2 million surgeries that provide insights and best practices that change how care is delivered.

Patented cohort analytics and methodology

Olive uses AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to create cohort analytics that show surgeons apple-to-apple comparisons and inform clinical decisions.

Olive’s proprietary approach

Olive's proprietary solution takes supply chain and value analysis to the next level by translating complex clinical data into clinically meaningful insights that transform how surgical teams approach patient care

How a clinical data revolution saved $90million in less than five years

Using Olive’s Clinical Intelligence solution, Intermountain Healthcare saved 90M in costs with surgical patients in under 5 years and continues to deliver results through supply chain savings, length of stay reduction and other clinical and operational efficiencies - delivering high-quality, evidenced-based care.

“[This] changed the way our surgical teams think about and deliver care. By catalyzing a cultural shift from experience-based to evidence-based medicine, we can now deliver cost & quality improvements in a way that both clinicians and health system administrators trust and use.”
Mark Ott
Medical Director Surgical Services Clinical Program at Intermountain Healthcare

Common challenges of clinical variation

Engaging physicians to change

  • DRG or procedure-based comparisons are often too broad
  • Doctor Procedure Card efforts focus on accuracy, but not variability
  • Efforts to change physician behavior are focused on costs
  • Physicians often rely on inaccurate data that produces unreliable insights

What makes Olive’s analytics clinically-driven?

  • Surgical procedure groupings
    • Olive's patented cohort analytics groups cases into cohorts that remove outliers and compare surgical cases in a clinically meaningful way.
  • Comparable Supply Categories
    • Relevant supply groupings that make it faster to find a low-cost alternative to high-cost items.
  • Clinical data review and validation
    • Algorithms and automated machine learning models built by clinicians provide insights that are validated by clinical expertise.

Using AI to reduce the total cost of surgical care

A fireside chat with Dr. David Skarda and Justin Schaper.

Discover strategies for surgeons to increase efficiency, transparency and develop a full picture through claims data. Explore opportunities to automate efficiencies in surgical care and use AI-powered clinical intelligence to create a path to better outcomes for patients. Is your organization ready for the future of surgical care? Olive is here to help.

Olive’s clinical variation AI is being deployed across the country

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Olive's clinical variation platform has earned HITRUST certification

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The untapped waste in healthcare supply chain is physician-centric

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Engage physicians. Reduce unwarranted clinical variation.