Transform your UM programs with AI

Olive's Utilization Management solution empowers payers to move beyond the limits of their current UM programs. Using AI, Olive automates prior authorization approvals in seconds and delivers real-time business intelligence.

AI-powered authorizations

Payers struggle with UM programs that drive increased operating expenses and slow turnaround times. This leaves members unhappy and providers frustrated by delays in care. Leveraging AI optimizes UM programs for faster prior auth decisions.

Return approvals in seconds

Olive’s AI provides unparalleled speed and accuracy for reviews of incoming prior authorization requests — recommending prior authorization approvals in seconds. Using your specific business rules, Olive adapts and learns overtime, letting your providers know immediately if a prior authorization is required and helping UM reviewers focus on the most complex cases.

Return decisions in 60 seconds or less

Become the fastest payer in your market and reduce provider abrasion with shorter turnaround times on decisions. Discover how a major state health plan went from a manual prior authorization process to approving requests with AI in seconds.

Reduce decision making by 10 days

Accelerate time to care and improve the care experience for your members. Hear how a state payer moved the prior authorization approval process to the point of care to deliver a superior member experience.
Gain control with optimized utilization management

Gain more control with real-time intelligence

Olive puts data insights at your fingertips with unlimited access to your UM data — in real time. Take back control of your program with business intelligence that improves care management and drives innovation across your organization.

Graphic of check marks from increased efficiency that lowers operating expenses

Lower operating expenses

Olive delivers approval recommendations on 80% of submissions in real time, reducing the administrative cost of submissions that don’t need a manual review. Freeing up UM staff to only focus on your most complex cases delivers increased efficiency and improves your bottom line.

Graphic of shapes aligning as information meets medical necessity requirements

Enable UM by exception

Olive makes manual UM reviews the exception, not the norm. UM staff only have to review the most complex cases — and with submissions tailored to meet your medical necessity requirements, Olive can reduce prior auth processing time by 38%. This saves your UM staff time and gives providers faster decisions that accelerate time to care.

Delight your provider network

With Olive, providers will experience less abrasion with your UM programs, feel greater satisfaction with your process and have an improved outlook on working with your organization.

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70% of surveyed providers reported reduced care delays when using Olive’s solution
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80% of providers reported reduced administrative burden on prior auth requests when Olive’s streamlined submission process delivered an immediate approval
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Providers are notified 100% of the time if a prior auth isn’t required, allowing patients to be immediately scheduled for care

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Deliver prior auth approvals in seconds with AI

Moving decision making to the point of care

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