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Olive’s automation platform empowers payers by driving insights, aligning better with providers through AI-powered prior auths and optimizing your UM programs so they save time, reduce care delays and eliminate unnecessary prior auth requests.

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Health Plan debuts first-of-its-kind AI solution

Read how our new solution automates the point-of-care prior authorization approval process.

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Impactful results from some of our customers

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Decision-making reduced by 10 days*

*When immediate responses were available

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27% fewer unnecessary prior auth requests
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Reduced operational cost
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48% quicker decisions leading to care access

Assisted Authorization Review

Olive automatically reviews incoming electronic authorization requests on behalf of the payer and enables payers to automatically approve authorizations when medical necessity is met.

Payer-Specific Medical Necessity Criteria Loop

Olive improves your staff’s efficiency by providing relevant medical necessity rules at the point of review. Payers can opt to provide this Loop at no additional cost to their provider network to improve the accuracy of documentation supporting authorization requests.

Point-of-Care Authorizations

Provide your members with immediate access to health services by reducing time-to-care decision-making. When partnered with a provider for point-of-care authorizations, Olive accelerates utilization management by leveraging your specific medical necessity criteria and the member’s EHR documentation to perform an AI-powered clinical review.

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