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Many companies are out there working alongside Olive to uncover and solve the most persistent challenges facing healthcare today. Strategic partnerships are critical to Olive’s success and grow her expertise and technology to create more meaningful impact across the industry.

The benefits of working w/Olive

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise organization, the w/Olive partnership program allows you to experience the true potential of enterprise AI. By evaluating and identifying the right tools and partnerships across healthcare, Olive finds opportunities to generate the most value and impact for the health systems she serves. These essential technology partnerships allow Olive to take a 360 approach to transforming enterprise operations – from revenue cycle and supply chain, to pharmacy, and more. Want to learn more about partnering w/Olive? We’d love to have that conversation.

Healthcare works smarter with Olive Helps

Speed matters – Olive Helps reach your end customer faster with a lightweight desktop application that whispers key information to users and drives them directly to your solutions. Develop and monetize loops with an easy-to-use Loop Development Kit, and ensure steady revenue streams in a new channel to market. Whether you’re an emerging technology company or an enterprise organization, Olive Helps increase your market reach and enhance your customer engagement using attended bots.

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Olive’s Key Partnership team

Olive’s Key Partnership team consists of entrepreneurs and leaders who have deep and comprehensive experience in acquisitions, global healthcare innovation and growth strategy, and research and development. Their shared desire to revolutionize healthcare through the scaled growth and innovation enabled by AI is their driving force and reaching out to other like-minded and experienced partners is their mission.

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