Meet Olive, our AI-powered workforce solution built specifically for healthcare.

Olive was built to make healthcare more efficient, more affordable – and more human – by working side-by-side with healthcare employees to automate and optimize workflows.

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Olive's results for hospitals?

Increased Revenue

Increased revenue

Olive delivers rapid time to value and offers performance-based contracting with commitment to deliver 5X ROI.

Reduced Cost

Reduced cost

Olive eliminates wasteful spend within the industry by automating healthcare’s costly, time-consuming tasks with increased efficiency.

Increased Capacity

Increased capacity

Olive’s efficiency and AI-as-a-Service model reduce the strain on current employees and helps return their focus back to higher-value tasks.

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Hire your AI workforce.
Free your human workforce.

Olive is the only healthcare-specific artificial intelligence solution sold as a service – that means one annual subscription and an all-in-one approach to employing an AI workforce - from identifying, to building, to supporting and optimizing your most important administrative workflows.

Working alongside healthcare employees, Olive is trained to think cognitively and make complex decisions faster and more accurately than human employees. She never misses a day of work. She never makes unprogrammed mistakes. And every Olive learns collectively, like a network, so that healthcare organizations never have to solve the same problem twice.

Apertures: One view to rule them all

Accessing critical data about the value of your AI investment is an obvious priority, but being able to understand that data and turn it into actionable insights isn’t as simple. That’s where Olive Apertures come in.

Take the guesswork out of performance with Apertures

So, how do Olive Apertures work?

Apertures is a completely new way to interact with Olive in one centralized, real-time, easily-accessible visualization tool. Reduced complexity. Increased intelligence. Unparallelled visibility into the value and performance of Olive’s automations.

Learn about the information Olive shares and add Apertures by browsing the Aperture Gallery - accessible to all customers.

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Olive Apertures
Olive AlphaSite

Hire Olive to drive enterprise-wide success

Invest in an Olive AlphaSite to enable your organization to go further, faster with a dedicated on-site team and performance-based model that allow you to mobilize AI workforce opportunities in every corner of your organization.

Learn about an AlphaSite’s impact

Olive is more than just a bot

Any software bot can automate a task with RPA. The key to lasting success is to hire an AI workforce that can learn, adapt, and improve through more advanced technologies. To ensure that Olive goes above and beyond traditional RPA, we created various capabilities that work together to scope, build and optimize workflows that directly impact your organization’s most meaningful metrics – on day one, and long after Olive is deployed.

The Olive promise

Olive figures out where she can have an impact, onboards quickly, shows up for work every day, does her job extremely well, and gets smarter over time

Some of Olive’s common roles

Benefit & Verification Discovery
Benefit & verification discovery
Prior Authorization Management
Prior authorization management
Denial & Rejection Managemen
Denial & rejection management
Vendor Contract Management
Vendor contract management
Invoice Processing
Invoice processing
Inventory Management
Inventory management
Periodic Reporting
Periodic reporting

Why our customers chose Olive

Olive automates healthcare-specific tasks with speed and ease, because she was designed to interact with EMRs, insurance portals, and other applications the same way a human would – only faster and more securely.

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Delivering results that matter

Learn how Olive is increasing capacity and accelerating impact at leading health systems across the country – from rapidly scaling an AI workforce, to improving efficiency and cost-to-collect, and more.

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