Your one-stop-shop for AI-powered automation of healthcare’s most repetitive, high-volume, error-prone processes.

Understanding Our Product

With Olive, artificial intelligence will automate processes regardless of EHR/EMR, patient volume, or external portals.

Our team works with you to vet, scope, and build workflows that directly impact your team’s most meaningful metrics.

Eligibility Checks

Reduce errors that cause over 61% of initial medical billing denials

Olive helps your staff dedicate their time to patients requiring the most attention. Olive pulls a patient’s information from your EHR, and uses that information to check against insurance eligibility portals. She then reports that information back to your staff for further review and makes recommendations based on her findings.

Unadjudicated Claims

Reduce days in AR and recover more revenue

Automating unadjudicated claims with Olive allows you to eliminate the manual process that result in searching through thousands of claims. Olive extracts patient specific claims information from a report or patient account (EMR), uses the information to locate the claim in the appropriate web portal, extracts the claim related information, and provides that information back to the report or account within the EMR.

Insights and Analytics

Track Olive’s Progress in Real-Time

Insights is your management command center dashboard that allows you to monitor, evaluate, and demonstrate the impact of Olive’s artificial intelligence and process automation capabilities. This dashboard will report trends, accuracies, efficiencies, and will allow for adjustments based on these insights to ensure the most operational value is realized by your organization. Metrics will be updated in real-time to ensure that your organization always has a complete and accurate view of Olive’s deployment.

Want to See Olive at Work?

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