Unlock the Value
of Operational AI

In a time where nearly every technology vendor is touting AI-enabled products, it can be difficult to determine where to begin—and what to believe. But unlike other AI solutions on the market, Olive is different. She delivers operational AI, so your organization can easily see her immediate impact.

So, what does operational AI mean? It means Olive is more than just a basic Robotic Process Automation solution. Her advanced Computer Vision and Machine Learning skills, along with fundamental RPA capabilities, enable her to take an impact-driven approach to AI implementation, providing both immediate and long-term value to your healthcare organization.

The Olive Difference

Computer Vision

CV technology enables a computer to “see” and interact with a user interface the same way a human would. Other RPA solutions may tout their CV capabilities, but Olive is different because she was trained specifically with the dynamic environments of healthcare in mind. That means she’s already worked in Citrix environments, has read scanned documents, and provides accurate and fast recognition of the information she’s seeing – even when UI changes and updates occur.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is used to automate repetitive, high-volume tasks that are rule-based and trigger-driven, like eligibility checks, claims statusing, and more. And unlike her competitors, Olive is hired to complete a specific workflow, so she’s built for speed and volume. That means her salary doesn’t increase, regardless of how many bots it takes to complete that workflow, allowing her to work around the clock to save your organization time and money.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is what most RPA solutions are missing today. RPA uses basic logic like if-then decision trees to replicate repetitive processes. But with Machine Learning, Olive can learn these processes and make smarter decisions and suggestions by using historical data already in your system.

The team behind Olive

Besides the superior technical capabilities of Olive and her healthcare-first focus, the dedicated team of engineers behind Olive are what truly make her the best AI solution on the market. Every day, our engineers are working behind the scenes to make Olive smarter and better. From a team that specializes in machine learning, to another that focuses on understanding the healthcare technological landscape and finding the best opportunities for Olive to support, these engineers ensure that Olive is delivering for every customer, every day.

Meet Omega

Omega is a 24/7 operations center designed to provide best in class support to our Olive customers – there’s nothing else like it in the market. Consider Omega the unflinching eye that never sleeps to ensure Olive always shows up to work, does her job, and exceeds her managers’ expectations by providing insights that go above and beyond her human colleagues.

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