You’re ready to start using artificial intelligence to scale your staff and automate workflows across your organization. Watch this short overview to review what’s needed to get started.

Step 1

Contract Signed 

We’ll start getting Olive ready for your facility once your BAA, MSA, and SO are signed and returned to your Olive account executive.

Documents needed:
• Business Associate Agreement
• Master Service Agreement
• Service Order

Step 2

Kickoff Call and Community Access

Next, we’ll need to get Olive access to all of the tools and systems necessary to complete her workflow from start to finish. This may include logins or virtual environments, such as those listed below.

We will need:
• Usernames and passwords for Olive
• A secure connection to your environment
• Email address for Olive

Step 3

Project Planning

The Olive team will get to work and plan out training for Olive at your facility.

Olive will:
• Assign project manager and engineering team
• Create project plan
• Establish project timeline

Step 4

Build Begins

Your project team will work with your workflow experts to complete Olive’s training, and will make sure to prepare her for as many workflow possibilities as we can.

Look out for:
• Weekly calls
• Data testing
• Progress updates

Step 5

Olive’s First Day

Olive’s ready to get started on your team!

Olive’s capabilities:
 Reduce Costs
• Boost Efficiency
• Improve Satisfaction
• Get Smarter Over Time

Olive will…

Reduce Costs

Increase accuracy and eliminate clerical errors, which can lead to improper patient billing

Boost Efficiency

Enter and transfer data into and between multiple systems without human intervention

Improve Satisfaction

Olive works alongside you and automates tasks so that you can focus on patient care

Get Smarter Over Time

Receive recommendations to create more efficiencies for you and your staff