Ensure uninterrupted and accelerated performance with Omega

Going live with an AI-powered workforce is just the beginning – managing your AI workforce to ensure it delivers reliable, quality, and progressive improvements, is the key to long-term success.

Omega enables you to get the best results

Olive is the only AI solution backed by a central operations center that relieves you of the burden of AI maintenance and optimization and ensures you get results.

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Enable resilient & ongoing performance

Omega enables issue prediction, prevention, and resolution to drive Olive’s continued success, utilizing data and quality alerts to track Olive’s progress and address potential issues 72 hours in advance.

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Optimize & improve effectiveness

Performance analytics tools allow Omega to leverage collective data across customer workflows to identify opportunities to increase Olive’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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Extend Olive’s impact over time

Omega propels Olive to maximize results through opportunities to optimize current workflows and enable new automation solutions.

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Olive averages 99.8% reliability to complete her intended work across all customers – trusted to work around the clock, just like you do.

Daily tracking of Olive’s progress has resulted in the proactive identification and resolution of over 1000 issues at first occurrence.

“We chose Olive because we needed a single partner to help us meet our changing needs and deliver exceptional results – someone who would support our long-term success after our automations were live.”
– Chief Information Officer, 2400+ Bed Health System

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Want your AI workforce to perform at its maximum potential, delivering uninterrupted and accelerated performance that can be scaled across your organization?