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Healthcare is facing incredible challenges. Olive is here to help address them head on.

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How Olive helps with COVID-19 recovery

As health systems scale up testing and vaccination efforts across the country, building the technology infrastructure needed to meet the demand is crucial. In fact, estimates suggest that compared to the annual flu vaccine, achieving herd immunity in the U.S. will require 3.9–4.9 times as many vaccine administrators and 4.3–5.3 as many vaccine staff.1

COVID testing

Olive Works testing intake

Improve the patient experience and expand testing capacity and throughput by automating pre-registration with Olive. Learn how Olive receives patient intake forms, logs into the registration system, and completes visit pre-registration for COVID-19 testing.

Doctor using Olive Works

Olive Works vaccine administration

Accelerate vaccination rate by automating pre-registration, scheduling, and reporting. Olive confirms patient qualification, completes pre-registration and scheduling, and logs into the clinical EHR to capture assessment information needed for state reporting, while updating patient status to “registered” the day they receive the vaccine.

Once the pandemic hit, we said as an organization, if we were going to thrive, we need all hands on deck to carry out our digital strategy.
Gerald Oetzel
Chief Financial Officer of Gundersen Health System

Olive’s results at Tufts

Learn how Olive streamlined the COVID-19 testing operations at Tufts Medical Center and delivered results in just 4 months, including increased patient access and more than 6,000 hours of employee work saved since Olive’s inception.

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