You care about getting the best care.

Olive cares about helping healthcare be its best.

Stay informed on healthcare’s biggest issues

You care about getting the best care.
You care about getting the best care.

The healthcare system is broken

And most Americans believe it’s getting worse. From long ER wait times, rushed face-time with doctors, to the soaring cost of care. Olive knows artificial intelligence is the answer. And she’s going all-in to make sure everyone gets the care they need.

Spend hours waiting to get only 5 minutes with your doctor? Olive helps deliver care faster, so you can get out of the waiting room, and back to what matters most.

A simple typo can result in a six figure doctor bill. Olive reduces claim denials, so patients can get the essential healthcare they need – without breaking the bank.

Olive has seen (and actually remembers) more than 30 million patients in the U.S. Her intelligence gives doctors the information they need to deliver the best care.

Olive makes care more human with AI

Olive thinks the healthcare experience could be, well, a lot more human. Whether she’s solving ER wait times, reducing six-figure doctor bills or ensuring patients get more than 5 minutes with their doctor – Olive cares about people.

Olive Cares About Denver

Curious what Olive is doing in Dever? Learn more about Olive’s impact and her mission to transform care.

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Knowledge is power. So get involved, stay informed on healthcare’s biggest issues and learn how Olive is working behind-the-scenes to solve them.

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