Olive Works Eligibility & Benefit Verification Processes

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The Burden of Eligibility & Benefit Verification

The benefit verification and discovery process is critical to preventing denials, yet organizations check eligibility too infrequently and not thoroughly enough. This leads to increased denials and associated rework time, and increased patient balances to be collected at a later point in the revenue cycle.

  • 23.9% of claims are denied because of eligibility and registration issues1
  • Roughly half of eligibility-related denials are non-recoverable, but are avoidable if identified proactively2
  • It takes a staff member an average of 10 minutes to manually check benefits3

Transform Your Approach with Olive

Olive augments your existing EDI real-time eligibility checks by working directly with payer portals at multiple points in the patient journey, reducing transaction costs and staff workload. Olive checks eligibility:

  • After scheduling but before pre-registration/verification
  • 1-3 days prior to service and 1 day after service/discharge
  • For urgent admissions
  • On the first day of every month (benefit changes)
  • After an eligibility/COB denial is received
  • Prior to self-pay balance going to bad debt

Olive’s Impact: Improving Efficiency & Cost Savings for a Leading Health System

  • A $4.3B NPR health system rapidly achieved success after launching Olive's eligibility and benefit verification solution
  • Within a year, leadership doubled their investment and began scaling Olive’s AI workforce across the hospital system
  • Accounts verified 2 weeks out improved from 70% to 90%
  • Olive verifies 4x faster than humans
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2 https://go.beckershospitalreview.com/national-denials-trends-and-key-strategies-to-prepare-for-2021
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