The Olive Story

I’m Sean,
The CEO of Olive.

In my previous life, I was an intelligence officer in the Air Force and spent most of my career at the NSA, solving big challenges as a software engineer and technology leader.

I started my first company in Baltimore, Maryland – a defense company focused on cellular infrastructure, exploitation and forensics. After I sold that company and was looking for what was next, I was drawn in by the prescription drug abuse problem that consumed my hometown of Gallipolis, Ohio and impacted my family personally.

I wanted to do something meaningful,

and that’s when I started looking at healthcare.

I began looking at the data and was shocked to realize that nothing was connected. Huge enterprise systems completely unable to communicate with each other or share crucial patient information.

It was – and still is – a growing, multi-billion dollar problem:

healthcare doesn’t have the internet.

Instead, healthcare uses humans as routers, forcing workers to toggle between disparate systems – they copy, they paste, they manipulate data – they become robots.

They click and type and extract and import, all day long –
– and it’s one of the leading reasons that one out of every three dollars spent in the industry today is spent on administrative costs.
With our sights on solving these problems, we iterated over almost a decade looking for the best way to save healthcare. We knew we wanted to change how hospitals fundamentally operated and we saw a dire need to create efficiency at an administrative level.

Then a lightbulb went on.

Instead of building new software to replace the disconnected interfaces, we built the first healthcare AI workforce to automate the robotic, error-prone workflows themselves, emulating the manual tasks employees had once done – only smarter, faster and more accurately.
Today, we call her Olive, the only artificial intelligence and process automation technology designed specifically for healthcare.
We called her Olive for a few reasons.

An Olive can be a person, and a thing – she even has the word “live” in her name, symbolizing how Olive is helping bring humanity back to healthcare, an industry where workers spend more time in front of screens than they do in front of patients.

It really is an incredible mission we’re on, trying to carve a trillion dollars out of the cost of healthcare while improving the human experience.

But we already see Olive’s impact in healthcare organizations across the country, and we truly believe AI is the answer to the biggest challenges facing healthcare today.

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