Olive Solves the Burden of Prior Authorization

The most comprehensive end-to-end solution for prior authorization is here. Olive improves your bottom line while driving greater efficiency and insight. Learn how Olive Works authorizations every step of the way, from determining if an authorization is required through submitting first level appeals for claims denied due to authorization issues.

The Growing Challenges of Prior Authorization

Olive Knows healthcare spends too much time and money on prior authorization. In fact, each step is rife with inefficiency and errors, feeding revenue leakage and burning through limited resources.

  • 92% of care delays can be traced back to prior auth issues1
  • 90% of authorization-related denials are preventable2
  • 30% of services do not require prior authorization3
  • 12% of denials are related to authorizations4

Transform Your Prior Authorization Approach with Olive

Olive’s industry-leading solution solves challenges posed throughout the prior authorization process for good. Eliminate the massive burden on your staff, get faster approvals, and boost your bottom line with Olive. Check out these average statistics achieved so far for one $3.8B health system – and Olive’s just getting started.

  • 200–400+ authorizations worked per customer daily by Olive
  • 80% reduction in human touches
  • 78% reduction in authorization approval timeline
  • 35% reduction in authorization-related write-offs

Learn Why Ochsner Chose Olive for AI

“Our main goal was to reduce the manual authorization process. We chose Olive as our partner, and that workflow alone reduced required human touches by 80%. After seeing what Olive was capable of, is what led us to a full Alpha Site to automate even more.”

– Director, Revenue Cycle Strategic Partner of Innovation, Ochsner Health System

1 Health Payer Intelligence - “Prior Authorization Issues Contribute to 92% of Care Delays”
2 Advisory Board - “An ounce of prevention pays off: 90% of denials are preventable”
3 Business Wire - “Change Healthcare Analysis: An Estimated $262 Billion in Healthcare Claims Initially Denied in 2016”
4 Becker’s Hospital Review - “3 Claim Denial Prevention Strategies”

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