Raise the Bar for AI Performance with Olive’s Intelligence Center: Omega Watch

Healthcare never stops - and neither should your AI workforce. Omega Watch, Olive’s internal intelligence center, provides ongoing monitoring and performance management, holding healthcare’s AI workforce operations to a higher standard.

Omega Watch, Olive’s Intelligence Center

Omega Watch, Olive’s Intelligence Center…

  • Anticipates potential problems up to 72 hours in advance
  • Runs daily tests and communicates with her team
  • Learns like a network, so hospitals never solve the same problem twice

uninterrupted service

Smart alerts use historical data on Olive’s performance to predict and prevent failures, with the ability to anticipate potential problems up to 72 hours in advance. This increased precision allows the intelligence center to take proactive measures to ensure Olive’s continuous success.

Adjust to shifting

Change is unrelenting - and Olive’s operations keep pace with the evolving industry. While unexpected system, policy, or process changes might otherwise leave an AI workforce hamstrung, Omega Watch conducts daily test runs and communicates with Olive's team to proactively adjust capacity and modify processes, ensuring Olive can complete her intended work.

Harness the power of Olive’s collective learning

Collecting data from her work across the growing number of healthcare customers she serves, Olive detects system changes like maintenance, outages, and upgrades and identifies all customers who will be impacted. Olive simply detects and resolves an issue once then applies a change for all providers to benefit.

Get all the details on Olive’s Intelligence Center today

It’s time to hold your AI workforce to a higher standard. With Omega Watch, Olive matches your tireless commitment to 24/7 service, enabling uninterrupted operations across your organization so you can focus on delivering exceptional results.

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