What is Olive Helps?

Olive Helps is a desktop application that gives healthcare workers the information they need – right when they need it – using cybernetic Loops.

Reduces human errors

Olive Helps’ real-time intelligence enhances patient safety by minimizing human error.

Improves efficiency

Olive Helps power healthcare workers, improving the speed, quality and impact of their work.

Increases human ROI

The Olive Helps platform works hand-in-hand with workers to supercharge human capacity and impact.

Helps healthcare work smarter

Olive Helps is the cybernetics sidekick healthcare always needed, and soon won’t be able to live without.

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The perks of partnering early:

  • Early access to premium features and events
  • Co-branding partnership opportunities
  • 24-hour turn around assistance on business days
  • First access to business opportunities before go-to-market

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A cybernetics expert will reach out soon to schedule a demo of the Olive Helps platform.

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<br> into a new market with Olive Helps

Whether you’re a startup or enterprise tech company, Olive Helps developers get unprecedented access to Olive’s growing network of healthcare users. Enhance your market reach as you monetize and showcase solutions in our Loop Library – think App store – to leading hospitals around the country.

Reduced cost
Increased efficiency

Olive Helps lower the cost of customer acquisition by investing in our partners in areas like branding, promotion, go-to-market strategy and more. When you join the Olive Helps community as an early adopter, you get the benefit of increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and a high-growth mentality that will propel your business forward.

Corner your
market, faster

Speed matters when it comes to your business. Olive Helps accelerate speed to market by helping developers rapidly build and launch new solutions, and expedite their commercialization. Post launch, Olive Helps reach your end customer faster by whispering key information to targeted users about your product and driving them directly to your solutions.

The perks of partnering early

We’re looking for skilled developers to capitalize on Olive Helps’ first-mover advantage programs. All early adopters will be part of our builder community and receive a copy of the Loop Development Kit (LDK) – and a select few will be part of an exclusive beta partnership that will give them access to:

Join the developer program
  • Early access to premium features and an attractive revenue split for early adopters
  • Co-branding partnership opportunities and go-to-market launch support
  • Customer service tailored to your goals and access to an exclusive collaboration tool

Our featured partners

From startups to enterprise organizations, Olive Helps technology companies solve healthcare’s biggest challenges – mitigating risk and physician burnout, reducing costly patient readmissions, and so much more.

Olive Helps webinars

Get insights straight from the experts who build, drive and maintain the Olive Helps platform. Whether you’re a health system leader or technology company, learn how Olive Helps can help you address healthcare’s toughest challenges.

The Olive Helps developer community: frequently asked questions

How do I create a Loop?
Easily develop your Loop with the open source Loop Development Kit, giving you the ability to code in C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, or Go.
Can my Loop call out to a third party API or an API that I host on my own servers?
Loops can be developed which communicate with third party APIs or APIs hosted on the servers of the Loop developer. Olive will require that these Loops follow standards around communication security, clearly documenting what information is sent to the API, and that appropriate high availability and auditing capabilities are deployed.
What information does Olive see about my Loop?
Olive maintains audit and analytics information about when your whispers were shown and who they were shown to.

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