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Whether you’re a health system, technology company, startup or consultant, Olive Helps provide human workers the information they need – right when they need it. Olive Helps human workers transform into superhuman workers through real-time intelligence that improves the quality, speed and impact of their work.

I’m extremely excited to announce our newest platform: Olive Helps. This platform works hand-in-hand with human workers, using cybernetics to provide real-time intelligence while they're handling their most critical tasks. We know that Olive Helps increases efficiency, reduces errors, and ultimately increases the ROI of our human workforce with AI.
Sean Lane
Sean Lane
CEO of Olive

Demo Olive Helps: Healthcare’s sidekick

Olive’s been hard at work on this completely new product for the healthcare industry. Ready to experience the value of a superhuman sidekick firsthand? Book time with a cybernetics expert and learn how Olive Helps reduce friction and increase efficiency through real-time intelligence.

Supercharge workers with Olive Helps:

  • Reduce human errors
  • Increase efficiency and human ROI
  • Give healthcare workers real-time intelligence

Thank you for your interest!

An Olive cybernetics expert will reach out shortly to schedule a demo of Olive Helps.

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From startups to enterprise organizations, Olive Helps technology companies solve healthcare’s biggest challenges – mitigating risk and physician burnout, reducing costly patient readmissions, and so much more.

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Whether you're a technology company or health system, Olive Helps increase your market reach and enhance your customer engagement using attended bots.

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