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Want a world without revenue cycle management? Done!

Olive Assures revolutionizes how payments are collected for clinical services by creating an easier path to revenue cycle management. That means you can finally get out of the expensive, time-consuming business of billing and collections and get back to focusing on patient care.

Eliminate the cycle

Remove the administrative burdens that cost health systems millions in revenue.

Reduce revenue delays

Eliminate the uncertainty and delays in receiving payments from patients and payers.

Sharpen your financial insights

Proactively address issues and guide care with real-time value calculations that detail top-line growth and financial insight.

Don’t outsource RCM. Replace it with Olive Assures.

Olive Assures transforms today’s highly inefficient billing and collections processes by combining automation and predictive algorithms. Using these technologies, she alleviates the administrative burdens of RCM and pays for healthcare services in real time! Olive Assures you achieve it all before the patient pulls out of the parking lot.

Get paid for care the day it’s provided

No reimbursement delays. No collection issues. Manual claims management — gone! OIive Assures you get paid at the point of care, and she manages the rest of the process in a way that is completely seamless and transparent to providers. That means you achieve increased financial certainty and reduce cost to collect, as well as improve clinical decisions and access to care.

Bring financial performance into clearer focus

Instantly compare revenue capture to accounts receivable. Olive Assures offers detailed dashboards depicting current value calculations and financial insights. You can measure both top-line value added and increased cash acceleration — right as it happens.

“Our nation’s healthcare providers do an amazing job of delivering care for us every day. They should not be saddled with the burden of managing complex revenue cycle and collection activities that are not core to their business.”
Zac Jiwa
EVP and GM of Olive Assures

Be a part of changing healthcare — forever

If you’re ready to be free of the administrative burdens and costs resulting from revenue cycle management, join our Olive Assures program.

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