Meet Olive

Optimizing Operations

Artificial Intelligence allows healthcare organizations to automate a variety of tasks including order management, eligibility, prior authorizations, claims processing, and more. AI doesn’t compromise the IT infrastructure you already have in place—instead, it helps you run the tools you already have more efficiently.

The Old Way

Running prior authorizations, eligibility checks and sending appointment reminders can take up an inordinate amount of your staff’s time and attention.

The New Way

Olive becomes a valuable employee by automating tasks to allow you to focus on the most important initiatives.

Watch this short overview to see how Olive will allow you and your staff to focus on the things that require more of a human touch.

Olive will…

Reduce costs by increasing accuracy and eliminating clerical error, which can lead to improper patient billing

Boost efficiency by entering and transferring data in and between numerous systems with one simple command

Improve satisfaction by automating high-volume tasks so you can focus on patient care
Get smarter over time by offering recommendations to create more efficiencies for you and your staff
• Transferring patient data • Patient data migration • Audit data retrieval • Medical bill processing • Insurance data automation • Claims processing • Eligibility checks • Reporting and analytics • Prior authorizations • and much more
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No Integrations Required

Olive is easy to onboard

No need to take on additional workflows, as Olive doesn’t require staff training and works with the existing systems and tools you already have in place.

  Olive gets an email address

Olive gets an EHR account

  Olive gets a VPN
  …and access to any other necessary tools
Olive works with the following systems, and many more:
UI vs. APIs and HL7
Instead of taking the old approach of using APIs and HL7 feeds, Olive decided to use the UIs of the systems and tools. Download our white paper to learn more.