Meet Olive,

Your Digital Employee

Olive is the only artificial intelligence and process automation solution designed specifically for healthcare.

The challenges healthcare organizations face are unique – like complex software integrations, overburdened staff, shrinking margins and increasingly strict security and compliance requirements. That’s where Olive comes in – Olive works 24/7, doesn’t get fatigued, never resigns and is less error-prone than a human.

Healthcare First. Healthcare Only.

Olive uses her healthcare-specific skills to address common bottlenecks when it comes to time-consuming, error-prone workflows. And she does it with unrivaled security measures built specifically for healthcare, working seamlessly with your existing processes and technology.


With margins shrinking and complexity increasing, it’s hard to predict the cost and ROI of many IT investments. That’s why we created an AI solution sold as a service (AIaaS) – that means one simple subscription price and an all-in-one approach to optimized workflows and revenue.

Operational AI

Olive delivers operational AI, so your organization can see her immediate impact. Olive’s Computer Vision and Machine Learning skills, along with her RPA capabilities, enable her to take an impact-driven approach to AI implementation, providing both immediate and long-term value.

Here are a few of Olive’s common roles

Prior Authorizations
& Eligibility

Data Migrations

Denial Mitigation

Patient Financial Experience

The Technology

Today, Olive is focusing on improving business operations inside and outside of the healthcare revenue cycle, but her technology can be applied far beyond that.

Robotic Process Animation

RPA is used to automate repetitive, high-volume tasks that are rule-based and trigger-driven, like eligibility checks, claims statusing, and more.

Computer Vision

CV technology enables a computer to “see” and interact with a user interface the same way a human would, only faster, smarter and more accurately.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning allows Olive to find patterns in data without instruction, giving her the ability to learn and improve from each task.

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“One of our biggest metrics is our days in accounts receivable, and we anticipate Olive being a huge factor in reducing them.”

Linda Lane
Director of Patient Financial Services,
Hancock Regional Hospital